Friday, November 26, 2010



                      Few days back the American President backed India’s claim for a permanent seat in the U.N. Security council. As the saying goes, there are no free luncheons when it comes from to the US. Obama obviously wanted something in return for his generous offer; he wanted India to shed its age-old stance of the so-called Non-aligned Movement character and become a staunch ally of the U.S. in all its activities. Elsewhere, in Nepal the Maoist of that country are bruiting hatred message against India and surreptitiously planning attack on the Indian installations at the border. Within India, the Indian version of the Maoists is jeopardizing the lives of people in Bihar, Bengal, Chattisgarh and so on without much of an intricacy. The splittist from Kashmir are freely moving around the cities of India and questioning the very existence of India.

All these incidents are happening when the UPA is governing the country and none of us would believe this to be some kind of a coincidence. The US contemplates that, this as an ideal time to acquiesce India to be one of its servile allies. The government led by the Indian National Congress seems to be nodding in agreement with whatever the US says and Obama is clever enough to understand that. The government has become soft and spineless living with a ‘be my guest” attitude, and this is one reason why even meager organizations like the Maoists of Nepal pick up the guts to challenge a big country like India. The story isn’t different when it comes to the domestic Maoists and the separatists from Kashmir. People like Arundhati Roy are having fun at the expense of this weak government and are continuing to instigate sedition. This Government marred by scams and continuous failures in the elections is bending its back in obeisance to every Tom, Dick and Harry to save itself from falling flat. In addition, Rahul Gandhi’s cheap gimmicks to match, this country has gone to dogs.


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