Monday, November 29, 2010

Modi, Mao and Rahul Baba

After a whole lot of comparisons in the past, Narendra Modi is now being compared to Mao Tse-Tung, the former Chinese ruler. This new revelation comes from the Indian media’s favourite political Guru, Rahul Gandhi, at an NSU meeting. According to Pandit Rahulji, Mao Tse-Tung has done enough for the development of China, at the same time his agenda was wholly destructive. What should one read into it? Is the Congress general secretary accepting the fact that Narendra Modi Government has made Gujarat the numero uno state in India in terms of economic growth through their development process? Remember, the Congress officially had been saying all these days that the claims of high-speed development going in Gujarat were a farce. Now, Rahulji disproves his party’s theory by his new revelations. The acknowledgment  from the top brass Congress man will definitely give the Gujarat government an extra mileage, although Modi might think that the last thing his government want would be the certificate of appreciation from a politically naive Rahul Gandhi. 

Rahul baba has also said that Modi was destructive like Mao Tse Tung. If Modi was destructive why was the UPA Government at the centre (who has CBI and other agencies at its servile order) not even moving a finger against him. The allegation against Modi was that he delayed action against the communal thugs who were on a destructive rampage killing hundreds of people. If that was true, Modi should have been brought under the law. Eight years have passed since that incident and the UPA government is just talking and not taking up any concrete steps to nail Modi. Allegations cannot make any one culpable, unless and until it is proved by the court of law. The Congress is playing a dubious game by verbally attacking Narendra Modi all the time and shying away from the real action, and thereby cheating the people of India. Rahul Gandhi should come out openly and say that what the Central Government did to punish Narendra Modi. They have done enough and more to nail Amit Shah, but why are they shying away from Modi if they believe that Modi was a culprit of the 2002 carnage. If the Congress was so particular about giving retribution to people who instigate communal violence and inturn help the killers, why did they sabotage the demand for a CBI enquiry, at the behest of Kunhalikutty’s Muslim league on the second “Marad” riots in Kerala? The poster boy of the Congress party should answer all these questions rather than aimlessly talk about Modi and his destructive agenda.

The highly vocal Congress spokes person Manish Tiwari had commented, a few days ago on the Bihar fiasco thus- “Mr. Rahul Gandhi had shown courage to take the bull by it horns.” He should have also said this- that in return the bull took Rahul Gandhi by its horn and strangled him to the greatest defeat in Bihar. In the same way, unruly comments against Narendra Modi can only bring trouble to Mr.Gandhi, as he had known that, his verbal diarrhoea also have contributed a great deal to Modi’s thumping victories election after election.

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khaishk said...

a correct balanced account though manish should be called pompous twit and rahul a horribly tutored parrot also a twit Rahul giving speeches on serious issues is like a young street whore forced to do professional stage shows to compete with ballet dancers