Saturday, November 20, 2010

Funny Policing!!

Kerala Police are a funny bunch of people whose antics bring a relief to the otherwise strenous life of an avarege Malayali. The otherday we heard that the police is on a searching spree- trying to find out the clandestine bomb manufacturing units in a village called Nadapuram. It seems that the police were waiting for few guys to get injured  by the bombs they were working on. Kerala police is searching in and out relentlessly for the past 24 hours for bomb manufacturing units as if they never knew that  such units existed in Kerala before.

Bangladeshis now can easily stay in India in places like Kerala, where they can veil themselves under the crowd of Bengali immigrant workers. Police in Kochi were dormant until they were tipped off by someone that many people who posed as workers from the state of west Bengal were carrying forged election ID cards. When they were questioned, the police found that they knew nothing about West Bengal. You know what happened to Mumbai, many other cities were Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis sneaked in posing as labourers. 

The major activity of Kerala police these days is a program called helmet hunting - they hide like carnivorous animals somewhere on the roads where they cant be quickly noticed, for their hapless victims. When a helmet-less mo-bike rider try to pass the hiding animals, they pounce upon him voraciously. The more the helmet-less, the more they are happy. They impose a fine of Rs.100 to the lawbreaker and let him go. These puerile acts of the police haven’t helped in bringing down the urge of the people to ride without a helmet, instead the number is on the rise to the delight of the police. What the police need to do is to educate people on the importance of wearing helmets and adopt stringent measures so that  people feel the importance of wearing it.

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