Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is a new dam, the solution?

                             The politicians of Kerala are misleading the people by reiterating that a new dam is the only solution for the safety of people with regards to the Mullaperiyar issue. It takes 8-10 years for a dam to be constructed and do the political kingpins of Kerala mean that until then the ordinary people living in the vicinity of the 116 year old dam should bear any catastrophe pertaining to the collapsing of the old dam? Why are people like P.J.Joseph not insisting for the decommissioning and removal of the Mullaperiyar dam and instead bellowing for a new dam? Why are we trying to be magnanimous to build a dam for Tamilnadu using the money from the tax payers of Kerala?

 “It is peculiar to observe that while dams are removed in the US in large numbers, they are being constructed in equally large number in India. Though objectives for the dams are the same in both the countries, yet in the US many dams are found uneconomic while in India they are mostly believed to be economic”. This is a quote from the book “Decommissioning dams” which explains the mind set of our ruling class. Can a place like Idukki hold yet another dam? The politicians are not contemplating the ill effects of constructing dams either because they want to help the construction mafia and in turn embezzle money in the pretext of dam construction or they are ignorant.  The other day a seasoned politician like V.S.Achuthanandan said that the LEFT DEMOCRATIC FRONT would construct a new dam. He is ignorant or his advisors are ignorant as the cost of building a dam is not a few thousand Rupees; in the US it costs around 10 million dollars for a small dam and in India it would be double or triple and added to that the corruption involved will make it an enormous amount. If the LDF is going to build a dam then who will remove the 116 year old Mullaperiyar dam? The UDF? These buffoons have made not only themselves ludicrous but also the ordinary people, who echo these stupidities! 

A new dam will only add burden to Idukki’s ecological equilibrium. Kerala has no business to build a dam for Tamilnadu as the lease indenture on Mullaperiyar dam that was built by the British by arm twisting the Maharaja of Travancore in 1886 got expired in 1947 when India became independent. And, the validity of the Communist chief Minister’s and his ally Congress’s decision to renew the lease indenture in 1970 without consulting the concern of the Kerala Assembly is questionable. The politicians have diverted the real issue of decommissioning and removing the old Mullaperiyar dam tactfully and is now voicing for a new dam. This is a ploy of the politician-construction mafia nexus. A 10 year period of the construction of the Dam means both UDF and LDF can have the share of the pie! People of Kerala shouldn’t fall into this trap.
 “Decommissioning and removing the 116 year old Mullaperiyar dam is the only solution the Government can arrive upon in this burning issue. And the Government should also desist from constructing a new dam that will again jeopardize the lives of ordinary people.”

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mullaperiyar campaign – Politician’s goldmine?

K.M.Mani and P.J.Joseph who are the ministers in the present UDF Government and who were the part of different ministries in the past, V.S.Achuthanandan who was the Chief Minister of Kerala for 5 years, various political leaders from different parties, were seen in the forefront in the Save Mullaperiyar Campaign in the form of fasting and other methods of protest. How serious are they in this matter? Are they really concerned about the Mullaperiyar dam safety or these are just gimmicks to create a vote bank? Let’s go to Mullaperiyar’s history and analyze the role of politicians in this issue.
Picture courtesy: CNN IBN

 While constructing Mullaperiyar dam, the engineers were not aware of how to design the dams against the effect of seismic forces. The Dam Safety Review Panel formed by the World Bank and the Government of Tamil Nadu, as part of the Dam Safety Assurance and Rehabilitation Project (DSARP) headed by Dr G N Tandon, in its report dated July 1991 had recommended that ‘two accelerographs could be installed in Periyar Dam - one in old and one in new backing concrete to monitor the real response of the composite dam to seismic events in the area, the monitoring of which is said to be being regularly done at Idukki.’
In 1995, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) had again conducted a geological mapping of the Mullaperiyar Dam area as part of the Dam Safety Assurance and Rehabilitation Project aided by the World Bank. In its report, GSI had advocated to ‘study the seismogenic capability of the lineaments by instrumentation and monitoring of the Mullaperiyar area.’’

What did the Governments in Kerala in 1991 and 1995, and the subsequent governments do with regards to this matter (Installing accelerograph in the Dam and conduct studies on seismogenic capabilities of the dam)
Even after a lapse of over 20 years, no action has been taken.

On 29 October 1886, a lease indenture for 999 years was made on Mullaperiyar Dam between the Maharaja of Travancore and the British Secretary of State for India for Periyar Irrigation Works. In 1947, after the Indian Independence the lease agreement expired. Instead of taking steps to decommission the Dam, the Kerala Governments from 1956 lead by CPI-M and Congress did nothing in this regard and slept over the issue, and surprisingly the agreement was renewed in 1970 when C Achutha Menon, the Chief Minister of the Communist Government, whose major ally was the Indian National Congress, was in power. By then Kerala had squandered its chance of taking control of the dam.

In February 2010, the Supreme Court decided to constitute a five-member empowered committee to study all the issues of Mullaiperiyar Dam. In March 2010, Tamil Nadu told the Supreme Court that it was not interested in adjudicating the dispute with Kerala before the special “empowered” committee. However, Supreme Court refused to accept Tamil Nadu's request to scrap the decision to form the empowered committee. Kerala was in advantage since then. However, recent developments shows that Kerala is squandering its chance of a new dam because of a campaign that has been blurting out stupid sensationalism and bruiting fear among ordinary people, especially from irresponsible ministers, political leaders and desperate media. This has only irked Tamilnadu further, the result- Kerala has been singled out. The campaign should have been formulated in a different way. Kerala should have concentrated on facilitating with relevant facts to the empowered committee constituted by the Supreme Court to study all issues pertaining to Mullaperiyar to make the case in its favour.  

Remember, implementing directions of the Supreme Court, the Central Government extended the terms of Empowered Committee for a further period of six months, namely till April 30, 2012.

We have a crowd of incompetent, irresponsible and imbecile politicians in Kerala, who are leading a campaign that is harping more on sensationalism than rationalism, and I fear, would lead to nowhere.

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 Call for studies on reservoir-induced seismicity in Idukki", the Hindu, November 21, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mullaperiyar issue needs urgent intervention

Pic courtesy:Mathrubhumi

So from Santhosh Pandit we leap to DAM 999 and subsequently, the Mullaperiyar dam issue. I never knew that we had three and a half crore dam experts in Kerala. Even some actors have paused their acting and have become “damologists” and seismologists.  I saw few impudent puerile minded urchins in few social media networks, who claim to be grown ups, were yelling and groaning at the ordinary Tamil workers and puking racist verbal diarrhea against them! What right do they have to call themselves an Indian! I saw few common men of the “state with highest literacy” posting phrases like-“otherwise also I hate ‘Pandis’. Pandi is a derogatory termed used for Tamil by few stolid people in Kerala (not everyone). Literacy …tptu… what’s the use of literacy if you can’t recognize and consider human beings as human beings? All their venom pouring against Pandit all these days is now re-directed to the Tamilians! 

A disaster of a big magnitude is foreseen by different studies. Although some of them are hypothetical, a quick consensus should be arrived between Kerala and Tamilnadu in settling this burning issue. The core of the matter should be safety for Kerala and water to Tamilnadu(As Oommen Chandy puts in). The politicians from both sides (especially the Dravida Parties) should not allow sensationalism and in turn hatred to take upper hand in the issue. There are almost 15-25 lacs Malayalees living in major cities of Tamilnadu and a good no. of Tamils living in Kerala. Nothing should happen that would jeopardize their existence.  All the people who spread hatred in social media in connection with Mulaperiyar issue should stop it and should behave with common sense. The Prime Minister, I hope, will intervene and find an amicable solution to this issue that is acceptable to both the parties! 

And finally, a word about DAM 999. One of the film critics who watched this movie said that this isn’t even a main stream movie and it needs all the commotion around to attract the audience. Claim of “Hollywoodness” of the movie is just bogus. All the articles published in newspapers and magazines on this movie before the release seem to be highly propagandized ones.  It seems to be yet another lame movie that would attract people as in the case of “Krishnanum Radhayum” just for everything except quality.

Note: The words Damologists and Hollywoodness used in the above piece are inventions of expediency and cannot find those in any of your dictionaries.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kunhalikutty - The greatest endorser of Jihadi Terrorism in Kerala

The allegation against Industries and IT minister P.K.Kunhalikutty on his role of sabotaging the CBI investigation into the Marad  Massacre have been substantiated by his colleague M.K.Muneer’s disclosure to the American Consulate officials which was in turn exposed by wikileaks. Muneer had told the American officials that Kunhalikutty Sabotaged the CBI inquiry to save the Islamic Radical Group NDF for his own petty gains.  On 2nd May 2003,  8 Hindu residents of Marad were brutally murdered by NDF activists.

NDF is short for National Democratic Front formed with the ex-SIMI(The banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India) and the Muslim league elements, have been playing Al-Quaida’s Kerala role for long. Although, the reason for Kunhalikutty’s sympathy towards NDF is clearly not known as of now, it is widely believed that NDF and Muslim League share common cadre.  Muneer’s another shocking revelation to the US consulate officials were that of the continuous infiltration of Jihadi terrorists into the Muslim League party. What Muneer said was to be true then one has to conclude that these infiltrations are happening with the knowledge of the top brass in the Muslim League. Justice Nissar Commissions findings on the Muslim League cadre’s attempt to create a communal tension by attacking a Dalit colony and Hindu institutions in Kasargode on 15th November 2009, substantiates a strong presence of Muslim radical Jihadi elements in the Muslim league party.
The recent Wikileague expose has not only destroyed the Anti-American mask adorned by the Marxists comrades of Kerala, but also exposed the Jihadi character of the Muslim League, the partner of the Indian National Congress in the central UPA government and the UDF government in Kerala.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who let the dog out?

Manish Tiwari prides himself as the barking dog of the Congress. When ever the Congress leadership or the UPA King pins get beleaguered, they let loose this loutish dog out! When he starts barking, we are reminded of this famous song- “Who let the dogs out?” However, here we’ve got to use it in singular- “Who let the dog out”? The dog barks at everyone he encounters and then returns back to his Kennel like a faithful animal. That is Manish Tiwari for you! He leads the pack of AbIshek Singvis, Jayanti Natrajans(no more a spokes person now), Renuka Chowduries, Tom Vadakkans… wow.. What an impressive line up!  

 It was only a few days ago Tiwari had asked who was Katrina Kaif on the half foreigner-half Indian issue and said that if he responds to the likes of Katrina, he might have to respond to a Johny Lever another day! The famous columnist Rasheeda Bhagat in the Hindu has strongly criticized Tiwari for despising  Johny Lever as if the latter was some shoddy brute. Tiwari has crossed all the limits of decency.  Will the Prince Charming, the embodiment of good, the apostle of the righteous withdraw the haranguer animal from his party’s mouth piece?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curbing Jihadi terrorism- What Swamy meant...

Mr. Subramanian Swamy has been in the storm of controversy after his article in DNA which opinionated among other things, withdrawing the voting rights of Muslims in India. It seems, prima facie, to be a drastic comment that could tarnish the secular fabric of this country.  But then, instead of bellowing for his pound of flesh, one should discount such comments and look into other aspects which he has said, that hold true in the present day India. 

Vote bank politics has been a curse that has fallen upon the democratic setup of this country. Parties intentionally pursue vote bank politics and formulate their plans according to it. Minorities have been pampered the most in many states in India. A good example is the political scenario in Kerala - Muslim league; a communal party has been the biggest ally of the Indian National Congress for the last 60 years. Abdul Nassar Ma-adani who is in jail in connection with the Bangalore blast was a major ally of the CPI-M for a long time. The other day the Congress-Muslim League Government in Kerala dismissed the Justice Nissar commission that was investigating into the riots in Kasargode perpetuated by Muslim League, in which numerous Hindu institutions and a Harijan colony was attacked, only because the commission named Muslim league's involvement. It is difficult to believe that the Congress and the Communist pursue a minority communal agenda for the welfare of the down trodden in the minorities. 

 It is very easier said than done to bring an end to vote bank politics unless and until the majority in the minority religious groups think beyond religious terms. There are a sizable number of Muslims in India who believe that he is a Muslim first and then an Indian. There are thousands of them in India who love Pakistan than India because of their religious inclination and significantly because of their ignorance. There have been numerous instances when in the last many years when a particular group of people in India, fired crackers or indulged in ecstatic celebrations every time when Pakistan beat India in Cricket or hockey. I have seen one of my acquaintances in Kochi virtually celebrating the siege of Mumbai on 26/11. Please watch the video below of a Muslim youth ( a school drop out) from Bangalore, who wants to settle in Pakistan just because India has more Hindus.



He is just one among the lakhs of ignorant and misguided youth who wants to live in Pakistan, which according to them is their ultimate Jannath (Heaven). The Indian Government should conduct a survey to find out the details of the people who want to desperately live in Pakistan in the rest of their lives and should help them migrate to their paradise. For that the Government should sign up a bilateral agreement with Pakistan Government so as to have safe transfer of these Pakistan lovers to Pakistan. The religious schools which are believed to be the breeding ground of religious hatred should also be asked to stick only to theology and nothing else that invigorate the youth to pursue in hatred and terrorism.  The borders should be secured properly to prevent the infiltration of Bangladeshis on the east and the Pakistanis in the west. These people originally break into India in search of a livelihood but later become one of the decisive factors in formation of Governments. The vote banks politics could be controlled to a large extend by these ways and the Government will not fear to act against the Jihadi terrorists, as they are doing today.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vision- Right Angle: Christian Greed

Vision- Right Angle: Christian Greed: "Jesus Christ is known as the apostle of peace and at one instance he transgressed himself to demolish the greedy. Little he would have ..."

Christian Greed

Jesus Christ is known as the apostle of peace and at one instance he transgressed himself to demolish the greedy. Little he would have thought that his followers in a tiny strip of land called Kerala is destroying peace and embracing violence for safe guarding their greed for money. The CSI church, the other day, displayed its intolerance and thrashed up journalists in Thiruvananthapuram, who had exhumed the shoddy activities (of selling the Medical merit seats for exorbitant rates) of the CSI church and made available it in the public domain. While I write this, I’m also not certain that even I would be spared by these CSI hooligans. Such is their money and muscle power.

We have been watching the inter Church Council fighting tooth and nail with the Governments to protect their greed. Christianity in Kerala has become synonym for money and conversions using cajolement. We saw the two sections of Orthodox Church waging war at each other a couple of years ago and the end result of which claimed a person’s life. The kind of words the rival Bishops were using to attack each other would even put the criminals to shame. Ultimately everyone wants to have a big share of the pie.  

PSALM 58:2
Yea.  in heart ye work wickedness; ye weigh the violence of your hands in the earth.

Lord Jesus! Don’t forgive them!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A letter from Pakistan

         At the outset let’s congratulate the UPA (Indian) government for facilitating our fighters (terrorists or jihadis to the Indians) blasts their bombs and shoot their bullets on the hapless citizens of the financial hub of India, Bombay (we don’t want to call it Mumbai as the Hindu fundamentalists wants to call it) again and again.

We also want to congratulate Rahul Gandhi who bite the American ambassador‘s ear repeatedly at a dinner meeting to convince the latter that Islamic terrorism is just okay for his Government when compared to the Hindu one.

We also like to congratulate our brother Mr.Digvijaya Singh Moulana (we like to add Moulana to his name for the immense love we have for him) who gave us a clean chit on 26/11 and put the blame on the R.S.S with his wonderful conspiracy theory, and for his incessant support for our Lashkar-e-toiba , Jashe-e-Mohammed fighters and our Indian brothers  Mujahideen and SIMI.

We are relieved that they (Indians) have a home minister who’s more concerned about the Muslim votes than our fighters who rampage their cities. We are also relieved because they have an idiot of an External Affairs Minister who has a good habit of reading somebody else’s speech and then behave as if he has done some smart work. 

We are thankful to the Hindustani Huqqumat (Indian Government) for taking care of our fighters Afsal Guru(Thanx to SoniaG and Ghulam Nabii Azad for their special interest in delaying his sentence) and Ajmal Kasab, and spending crores of Indian Rupees on their welfare.

Thank you Indian Government, Thank you.

With love 

From Pakistan

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shame Shame M.G. Shame!!

cartoon courtesy:

The scene is a star award night of a Malayalam TV Channel in the newly found Kodambakkam of Kerala- Kochi. The persistent super stars Mammooty and Mohanlal, the real super star of India, Amitabh Bachchan, a host of other stars from Kerala and Tamilnadu and the thousands of fans thronged the stadium where the function was held. In the middle of the program, all of a sudden, the 54 year old M.G.Sreekumar, the singer-music director, emerges from the fourth or fifth row, wearing a shirt printed with bright color flowers, gallops to the front row like newly born mule, shaking his pot belly and lands in front of none other than the great Amitabh Bachchan. Mr. Bachchan looks at the middle aged man dressed almost like a joker, with sense of bewilderment.  Sreekumar pulls up a dirty piece of torn paper from his trouser pocket and starts singing, looking at Mr.Bachchan and pointing his palm towards the star. It was the first line of the famous song from the 70’s Bollywood super hit “Lawaris” in which Amitabh himself portrayed the title role. The actual words in the first line of the song is thus- “Mere angane mein tumhara kya kaam hai”? And what we heard from the Kerala singer was- “ Mere angaane mem tumara ka kaam hai?”  He repeated the same line quite a few times and one could see a lot of embarrassed faces around.  Amitabh Bachchan gave a bigger bewildered look as if thinking who was this thick skinned crank distorting his famous song. Mr.Bachchan would have never ever turned up for this program if he had expected a  dim-witted oddball shamelessly coming to him and singing, distorting the lyrics and the music of a famous song of his!

Dear SREEKUTTAN-  you could have rehearsed the song and checked the pronunciation of the words in the lyrics before you had started singing it in front of Amitabh Bachchan , the thousands of the audience present at the venue and the millions of TV viewers.  Shame on you M.G. Sreekumar!!  All I can do is pray  -God save Malayalam cinema from these gobbledygooks  …

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kochi IPL- do they deserve a team?

10th Nov 2009

One winter morning Shashi sar woke up in his comfy Delhi residence thinking lazily about the busy schedules for the day. Before he could yawn out his morning sluggishness, he heard his mobile ring. He took the cell phone that was stuffed under his pillow and saw an unknown number flickering in the display. “Some Kerala number?”, he thought. He brought his mobile close to his ear and heard a coarse voice of a middle aged man,

“Good Morning saar, I’m the T.C.Mathai. I’m the secretary of a closet cricket association”

“Uhh”, Sashi sar (SS) shrugged his shoulders in dismay; Some idiot speaking in broken English, he thought.

SS is always a people’s leader and hence took care not to outrightly dismiss anybody from his state even if the person was a preposterous dumb head. His philosophy, like any other seasoned politician was that never shoo away people as they are voters who can make or break the career of a politician.

SS asked in a pleasant tone,” What can I do for you sir?”

“Saar you knows me very very well, I’m the meeting you 2-3 times in a public functions at Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram”

SS just recognized his voice and remembered that he had met this guy quite a few times at various programs related to cricket; an obese who represented the class of people who made fortunes without moving their ass.

“Oh tell me Mr.Mathai, what can I do for you?”

Saar, a wonderful chance has the come to make a team from Kerala in IPL… you will support us…no?

“Definitely it’s a good thing Mr.Mathai…I’ll definitely give you all my moral support.”

“Ayyo, saar model support is not enough… we want your influence”

“Oh Gosh, I’m in a responsible position and how can I stoop to the level of influencing and stuff…please spare me from this”, SS spoke anxiously wanting to get out of that tantrum as soon as possible.

“Saar don’t say no… you will be the doing good to the state by helping us… once a team comes, the economy will grow and prosperity and prosperity everywhere”!

“Whose economy is going to grow…yours?” SS restricted the spontaneous thought that arouse in his mind to himself and said,” I know Mr.Mathai that the people of the state could benefit, but for that why should I tarnish my reputation by indulging in undemocratic practices?”

Saar you will also benefit… “, Mathai tried his usual acquiescent  stuff

“I don’t want to taint my image for paltry benefits…”Said an exasperated SS.

Mathai chuckled as if pacifying SS. He said,” Saar, you think small benefits, I can arrange big benefits… you only have to “sweat”..”

“Sweat?”, SS asked perplexed

Mathai chuckled again and said,” I’ll tell you in the person… I’ve some Gujaratis who will invest the big money…everything goes the well we will have the team of Kerala.”

When Mathai hung the phone SS contemplated,” one stone- two birds… not a bad idea”

19th April 2010

Mathai sat in his in living room and gasped at the TV visuals of the sorry figure of Shashi sar coming out of the PM’s residence tendering his resignation. A coveted position- flunged away for nothing! “ Sweat equity aur kya kya? Kochi IPL aur kya kya” Equity be gaya…kaam be gaya  aur naam bhi gaya! SS seriously wished that he could squeeze the nut called Mathai.

After two days when Mathai’s guilt has dried up, he called SS from his Kochi residence to render his condolence .

Saar, Good Morning the Mathai here.”

“What now?”, SS voice carried all the bitterness that was in his heart

“I’m the sorry… that foolish fellow Modi is the responsible for all the problems…”

“Shut up … now listen, I have lost everything, don’t have to remind me of the bygone things…just do me a favour…”, SS’s voice, although was now devoid of the bitterness it had a few seconds ago, was demanding.

Mathai asked in a confused tone,” what saar”.

“I have lost a lot in the bargain…no problem, but there’s huge outcry for matches to be played in my constituency also…you should make the capital also as one of the home ground.”

What SS heard was a long guffaw from Mathai. SS waited patiently until the guffaw stopped. He asked,” hmm? Why are you farting like an animal?”

Mathai got serious,” you can the ask me my life but not venue…Kochi will be the lone venue and this team will be the known as Kochi team.”

“Why are you so admant about Kochi?”

“Haha..Kochi is the only vibrant city in Kerala…you know and it has the city crowd in lakhs who’ll watch matches ”, Mathai slammed phone in despise.

27th April 2011

Mathai sat at a corner of the 55000-capacity stadium and looked miserably at the empty stands. His Henchman was sitting next to him and counting the no. of spectators in the stands.

A dejected Mathai said,” stop this nonsense; tell me how many people are there?”

 His henchman said apologetically,” if 2 more guys had come it would have become 3000 people”

“Already half of it are free passes, 2 or even 10 will not make much difference in the collections, Mathai said in a sad tone and then asked,”Leave it, tell me where are the owners?”

Henchman smiled embarassingly and said,” They said they are going to the marine drive, to have some peace of mind…”

Mathai, inadverdently said,” hope they won’t jump into the sea!”

Mathai thought in embarrassment about his famous two words that he gave to the TV channels, to the poor Shashi sar and to various press walas – VIBRANT KOCHI !

 He walked out of the stadium when the final nail on his team’s coffin was thrusted in by the opposition team. He headed towards the Kaloor church to light a candle and when he reached there, he was bedazzled to see the team owners standing in genuflection in front of the church in the dark!