Friday, March 25, 2011

Political drunkards

                                                        We are largely ignorant about Indian politician’s drinking habits. A few months ago, the Kochi IPL patriarch Shashi Tharoorji was in news for modelling for a whiskey brand (actually it was a photograph of him receiving an award intiated by the whiskey brand). The Marxist felt that it was so much offending that they started an outcry on the issue. They wanted Tharoorji to apologize to the public. Tharoorji laughed it off; you know he’s practising an American brand of politics and if you don’t sip a peg or two you ain’t considered as a politician there. Remember Tharoorji is the first person in India who kept his hand on his heart while the National Anthem was being played- another yankee style.

What about the communist? Communist in Russia never touched any of the liquor brands as a matter of policy. They stuck to their own indigenous brand of Vodka. The more you drink Vodka, the more you become Communists was their philosophy. In Kerala too, Vodka seems to be acceptable but owing to its price, lower-level comrades might have switched on to Tuskers and OPRs(both constitute the major chunk of the Bevco revenue). Antony deliberately banned the locally made vodkas(read as Arrack) to teach the true communists a lesson.  Although Beedi, Parippuvada(dal vada) and tea were known as staple diet of the communists, clandestinely arrack too took to the list in olden days!

RahulG have had the opportunity to travel all around the world and can’t believe that he could have restricted himself to sipping champagne. He looks scotch to an intriguing eye. Digvijay Singh was a raja once upon a time before he became the scavenger in Congress and obviously, he might have had the expensive Raja Brands of scotch whiskeys before dinner. Talking about the Rajas, the real Raja comes up into my mind. Crores have beeen lying around him like dried leaves in summer; he too could have tried a peg or two of the most expensive liquors in the world.

Finally, the eyelids of Ramesh Chennithala and the lazy countenance of Oomen Chandy tell it all. Infact hardcore Pinarayi Viayan fan and the avid film maker Ranji Panicker portrayed the chief minister, who resembled Oomen Chandy,  in his movie Bharat Chandran IPS, as a drunkard. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christian Brothers :Yet another trashy junk by Udayan-Siby

                                     Once upon a time, there lived an underworld don. He was sweet and kind, and bound closely to his family. His dad didn’t like him because he earned his lively hood by donning a robber’s job instead of becoming a doctor or an engineer. He became a don not by choice but by a trickster‘s stratagem or perhaps by destiny (that’s in flash back!).  He has a brother who will make you laugh with his Walt Disney’s character kind of cameo. The hero here, will do everything that is supposed to be done by the police. He fights against a group of villians (they are Hindu brothers) who are not underworld dons but something like panchayat warlords deadlier than Dawood Ibrahims. The Hero uses the entire wardrobe of a near by readymade showroom to emblazon his plumpy body and dances along with the glamorous dolls in between his other antics. Climax and anti-climax follow….That sums up Christian Brothers written by UdayaKrishna- Siby K.Thomas duo and directed by the old formula film war-horse Varkala Joshy( one feels sorry for him- it is believed that creativity is directly proportional to change; sadly  he’s unchanged for last 45 years).

Hardcore Mohanlal fans will say that it is a wonderful movie and hardcore Mammootty fans will make fun of them (they conveniently, will forget their favourite actor’s monkey dance in Pokkiri Raja, another saga of idiotism by Udaya-Sibi).

 “Two hours of entertainment is what we need and not some story that helps in uplifting the society”- says people like Rajesh G. from Varkala (a random representative of today’s youth).

“We are not here to ponder upon high funda stuffs”, says Riju, who’s a hardcore fan of director Shankar and actor Prithviraj( he loves Prithvi because of his physique, I guess, rather than the acting skills).

However, then how long will you bear these kinds of films that have become dull and droning due to the repetition of the story and treatment? Don’t you want a change? Don’t you want to become a part of this changing world? Don’t you think Cinema is the greatest medium that can help in make people think and contemplate about the future of this world? If you don’t think so, then you should applause the puny Rajni saar bashing up 10-15 villains double his size in no time and make you leave the theatre with contended minds. But then you will have to realize that you‘ve been trapped into a virtual world of joy! There is no escape from that untill you will be forced to think late in your life, that you’ve lost!

By acting in these kinds of trashy junks actors like Mohanlal, Dileep and others, believe that this can help them in rejuvenating their thining careers. On the other hand, they are damaging the good name they have earned after the many years of hard work they have put in. Some people have started asking,” which one is better Pokkiri Raja or Christian brothers?” It is like asking- which is better, shit or crap?  

God save Malayalam cinema and its audience!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love-lies-bleeding -- excerpts from my novel

( from chapter 2)
                                         It all began in a lazy Kochi Saturday afternoon, when all of Kochi was emblazoned with the oomph of Urmila Matondkar’s skimply clad postures, that attracted amorous gapes by na├»ve looking pedestrians every where; a slight drizzle added to the revelery by making  the roads shine and fill up with puddles. All roads seem to be ending at the Sridhar Theatre, which was ready with its first show of the Hindi movie Rangeela. A crowd, braving the incessant drizzle, had built up in front of the theatre pushing and prodding for a place near the gate at the ticket counter. Aji stood under the turret of a near by building protecting himself from the drizzle that seemed to be developing into a heavy shower, adoringly looking at the huge cut-out of the heroine of Rangeela. He wasn’t waiting exactly for the gates at the first class ticket counters to open, but for someone whom he was incessantly following for an opportunity to meet. In the morning at the chat, Lathika had hinted to Aji (for Lathika, he was still a faceless guy called Kochunni who lived 100 kms away), of her movie program with her friends in the evening. Moreover, that sent signals to his twisted brain indicating an opportunity to meet Lathika in flesh and blood. Her other attributes revealed on the course of the chat were by-heart to him. Therefore, it wasn’t much of a difficulty in identifying her.

As he stood uncomplainingly under the difficult circumstances of rain and the irksome crowd, he began to feel that; finally, his patience has been paid off, when he saw a lone, tall girl under a colorful umbrella on the road walking with beautiful stride towards the theatre. Lathika! He murmured in joy. She wore a flowery skirt that barely covered her knee and a bright pink top that floated on her curvaceous body. Her face had that sweet innocence that he had stared with adulation umpteen times as images in his monitor. Aji was ecstatic, although he knew that he has to use all his ammunitions to start a conversation with her. Kochunni was not Aji and vice versa! Kochunni known to Latika, atleast in her imagination, was a six-footer handsome hunk and Aji was nowhere near. A skinny guy who could be, not even touching 5’3” ; a bony face character with two protruding teeth in the front, definitely was going to invite that beautiful girl’s wrath.His physical shortcomings were suddenly looming large in his mind. However, he was not letting himself loose such a wonderful opportunity; after all why was he beguiling away the valuable 6 months of his life into enticing the lass. As she approched the gates that paved an opening to the way to the balcony, Aji caught up with her, walking in quick strides.

He called out from behind,” Madam, do you have tickets?”

She was obviously surprised and turned back with a curious look. She had bent her head and look down at the puny guy,

She replied with a smiling face,” Is the balcony already filled up?”

(excerpts from my novel Love-lies-bleeding -Chapter 2)

Monday, March 14, 2011


When the election dates were announced, by the election commission, V.S. Achuthanandan had already maneuvered an advantage LDF situation by digging up the corpse of the ice cream sex scandal case and nailing the vocally blatant Balakrishna Pillai. Those who prognosticated a 100 seat win for UDF, Suddenly had to eat their words. Achuthanandan was in the lime light and according to the political observers; the tables were turning in favour of the LDF. There was obviously a panic in the UDF camp. They had been caught napping. Kunhalikutty was searching for covers; the Congress leaders were groping in dark not knowing how to counter Achuthanandan’s sudden battering. The Congress suddenly was under a catch 22 situation and began to fear that Achuthandan’s actions out of the blue could make mincemeat of their elections dreams. They contemplated hard with their sunnormal brains and decided to target Achuthanandan’s son. It didn’t do a lot good to them and failed to convince the man on the street and the situation largely, remained the same.

No body thought the Congress and the UDF could get a breather and could come back into reckoning for winning the elections. Then, it happened. There is a vast majority of comrades in the CPI-M, who would be happier to loose elections rather than to see Achuthanandan becoming the CM again. When it was time for declaring the leader who would lead Bengal and Kerala to the elections, Budhadeb was there; Achuthanandan’s candidature was neither announced nor did any district committee recommend his name. CPI-M ‘s fortune, everybody thought entirely depended on Achuthanandan’s candidature with regards to his latest actions and the man on the street was ready to forgive the LDF government if Achuthanandan led it again. The Marxist comrades, may be of prejudice or may be of fear, felt easy in squandering the chances of coming to power again rather than V.S. taking up the credit and the limelight, and inturn the Chief Minister position. There you go; the UDF is smiling again and rolling back into reckoning.

Less than 30 days to go for the elections, and as always, it will be difficult to predict how well the poli-tricks in the past and in the coming days are going to the influence the election results.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Animal Slaughter- hasn't 21st century grown sane enough to stop this

This post contains subject matter that is suitable for adults only. Viewer discretion is advised.

The above video evoked comments by various individuals in you tube, facebook and twitter, which said that the scene in the video was not for the weak hearted. When it comes to such brutual and barbaric scenes not only the weak hearted but also the people with stronger will fail to watch it with a stable heart. Again keeping apart the sympathetic factor, how can a sane and a civilized world society allow such an aboriginal and spiteful act done by a society of naives in the name of religion? Killing animals is a grave crime, let alone torturing to them to death. Four legged herbivorous animals are victims of human selfishness in different forms in the world at present. People, who slaughter these animals for food is also destroying the ecological equilibrium. Like the human beings, animals also have a right to live. No one has the right to take their lives.

India has a sensible society compared to those socities with a pre-historic aboriginal outlook and should lead the way of tolerance to animals by baning animal slaughter of any kind. Please raise your voice against this cruelty and brutality, there by we could help in protecting the right to live, whether it's Human or animal. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nation should come first and not religion.

We should not despise these ignorants, instead we should be sympathetic towards them. These people need some kind of a counseling and if it doesn't work, the best bedlams in the country should treat them free of cost. India needs citizens who love their nation wholeheartedly irrespective of caste, creed, class, party or religion. Although Pakistan is a hell and dangerous for level headed people to live on, these navies think it is a Jannat (Heaven). These people have become ignorant and poppy-cocky because of the sub-standard education and, hackneyed and hate philosophy they receive  from their religious schools. The Government should shed their rotten vote-bank philosophy and should impose a code of conduct  to these schools that are  run by men who wants to take the world back to the pre-historic times.