Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An open letter to the chief Minister

Site for the proposed cricket stadium at Edakochi

H.E. The Chief Minister of Kerala

Respected Sir,

This is to invite your good self’s attention to the doubts that have roused in the minds of  the public in Kerala in connection with the decision to construct a cricket stadium by the Kerala Cricket Association(KCA) at Edakochi,Ernakulam district. The Kerala Cricket Association under the secretary Mr.S.K.Nair in 2006 had decided to construct an international cricket stadium at Trivandrum
( “The Hindu” on July  31, 2006  and subsequently, as reports say, that the Kerala Government allotted land for the same free of cost. Clearance was obtained from concerned ministry as well. However, the Kerala Cricket Association under then new secretary T.C.Mathew deviated and decided to built a stadium at Kochi instead. Reports say that KCA had purchased 10 hectares of land at Edakochi at the rate of Rs 1.1 lakh for each cent. The land was reportedly purchased from a finance company that was a part of the Vembanad Lake protected by the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty for conserving important wetlands. It was earlier used for pokkali farming—growing organic rice along with prawns.

The doubt  that arises in one’s mind is that why did KCA ignore its earlier decision and reject Government’s offer of free land and then painstakingly buy a marshy land for the purpose of building the cricket stadium. This is apparently nothing less than a scam. Kerala sports council President Mr.T.P.Dasan also has brought this issue out yesterday in a media brief. There have been allegations of impropriety on KCA and its members with regards to the conduct of international cricket matches at Kochi from many quarters including  Kerala Cricketers Forum, that have been voicing against the misconducts  of the KCA for long and same has been taken up by the Trichur vigilance court for investigation. On that basis, series of raids also been conducted by the vigilance at KCA head quarters, Trivandrum.

I request your good self  to kindly look into the matter with a judicial inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

Jothish Nair

Copy to:
H.E.  Sports Minister of Kerala
H.E. Member of Parliament, Trivandrum
Shri.T.P.Dasan, President,Kerala Sports Council
Shri Balaji Iyengar, Kerala Cricketers Forum, Kottayam

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This period is worst than the emergency


                                                After the totalitarian and barbaric Government of Indira Gandhi during the emergency in the mid 70’s , this government run by the Italian born Sonia Gandhi and her puppet prime minister seems to be jeopardizing the life of the common man in India in every aspect. The number of scams that run into billions has caused big losses to the economy of the country. The enormous price rise is making the life miserable of not only the poor but also of the large middle class of this country. The inflation level (currently at 8%) is looming large like monster. The inability to curb terrorism and Maoist attacks, failure in international policies (eg. The U-turn taken by Jairam Ramesh on emissions at Cancun, to please his American bosses), inability to channelize food grains from wasting out, containing the black marketeers,  are the few things among other that dispalys  the character of this failed UPA government.

The ministers are swirling like blind men in a typhoon. Chidambaram showing skills of sycophancy well during the plenary meet was wailing like a child few months back unable to get support from his own government to take stern action against the Maoist.  He was incessantly whining that –“ I don’t have the mandate… please give me some mandate!” The cable leaked by Wiki leaks tells that the Indian Army has weakened and is vulnerable; nobody knows what the defense minister’s role is these days as A.K. Antony scarcely opens his mouth. Wiki leaks also revealed the ruling party’s intentions to play murky vote bank politics during the 2009 Lokh Sabha elections. The foreign minister was seen loosing the plot in front of his Pakistani counter part few months ago, putting all of us in shame. The home minister was praising themselves for the growth figures achieved on behalf of Pranob Mukherji , but refrained from explaining the alarming  inflation levels. If you can’t provide a decent atmosphere for the people to live, then what’s the great shake in the growth you’re talking about? Everyone knows what had happened with the telecom ministry. Raja, the choice of the corporates helped the congress to embezzle billions and the Congress obliged him by washing their hands off. The minority affairs minister was defending the banned terrorist organization SIMI as its lawyer few years back. To back up all these blunders, the Congress has the gobbledygook duo of Digvijay Singh and his earnest disciple Rahul Gandhi who are blurting out imprudent statements every now and then.  The tumult and commotion rising from the comedy of errors committed by the UPA hoodwinks are jeopardizing even the existence of this country. This Government should go and the President should install an interim government that will work until the elections. The country has to get out of this perilous situation soon! Sonia Gandhi and her marionettes have proved that they are incapable to rule this country.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Forced Marriages in Egypt

Unlike other Arab nations, Egypt when became independent in 1936, chose to be a democratic republican secularist form of government. Hosni Mubarak who assumed power in 1981 strengthened the secular principles in the country and never looked like calling itself an Islamic state although in 1967 they combined with few Arab states to wage a war against Israel and lost the same.  90% of Egypt’s population is Muslims and the rest 10% is Coptic Christians. Off late, probably due to increasing influence of radical Islam, there have been incidents of discrimination against the Coptic Christians. Forced marriages are becoming widespread. Christian girls are forcefully married to Muslim men and subsequently forced to convert their faith. This is happening even when the government has been very tough on the radicals. Islamic radicals like Muslim Brotherhood were banned from participating in the last elections and various measures were taken to curb the influence of Al-Qaeda among the people. However, there are deliberate attempts to convert Egypt to 100% Islam and the first and easy step seem to be forceful marriages. Recently a news that hit the international media headlines has raised many an eyebrow. A Christian girl named Monica was forced to marry  a Muslim which she bluntly refused; subsequently she was abducted and raped by few men in a secluded place. The police too, is unfortunately heeding to the radicals as most of the complaints on forced marriages are being ignored.

Hosni Mubarak has been in power for the last 30 years and he’s been doing whatever he could to uphold the country’s secularist outlook and democracy, but, his long autocratic kind of Governance has sent sparks of resentment among the people and that, as most of the observers fear, could lead to the strengthening of radical Islam in Egypt. Strong influence of radical Islam has destroyed countries like Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan in an irreversible way and hence the educated and levelheaded in Egypt will be in the forefront in the thwarting the country being hijacked by narrow-minded radicals.

I have nothing to hide! really!!

At the granny party’s plenary summit when the octogenerian  said ,” I have nothing to hide!”, some of the women members in the audience might have  got astonished  and would have inadvertently exclaimed, “uhh! this old man seems to be  shameless..Is he trying to say that he has nothing…to hide?”

I have seen many times in the train journeys when the train passes through the interiors of Andhra and Maharastra  angry  hermaphrodites, when refused alms, lift  their skirts or sarees up and screech at people thus- ,” Dekho, Mera nahin hai ! I hope not, this is the case there too. The old man could be definitely joking.
But surprisingly he also said that he’s somebody’s wife…hmmm...who was it? ah..I…”.Ceaser’s wife”. But I guess, Ceaser’s wife was a woman…I’m confused! Can a woman be a hermaphrodite or vice versa? I think when he whispered both the statements on the mic, his party workers were amused and there were loud applause all over. Could that be something good whatever he said or could that be some joke. Conversely, people outside the granny party are beginning to believe that he’s giving those weird statements to shield someone above him from the smolder of corruption. Well, one could see in the TV that the gore-log were laughing and merry making all through the summit and has to believe that they were really having  fun at the expense of their supreme servile. Talking about the gore log some facts comes into ones mind- We, the Indians allowed the Arabs and the Persians to hijack the Indian power in the 8th century and helped them establish a rule for 1000 years.  The British exploited our ignorance that is still perceived as tolerance, did it in the 19th century, and continued until the middle of 20th century. Will the Italians under the veil of Indian citizenship go on to exploit our so called tolerance (it is actually ignorance) and be the next?

The octogenarian has everything to hide!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tharoor, IPL and Trivandrum

cartoon courtesy:

When Sashi Tharoor got elected as the M.P. from Trivandrum, the people of the capital city of Kerala rejoiced- “here comes someone who’s finally going to fullfill the decades long aspirations of the people of Trivandrum.” People thought he’d be different from the pony tail haired dormant former M.P. Pannyan Ravindran from the revolutionary party, who shied away from the responsibilties of  backing the high court bench and Vizhinjam port or many time MP like A.Charles who, in parliament, was believed to open his mouth to yawn and stand up to tighten his Mundu(Kerala dhoti). Tharoor came with a back up of a colorful UN experience and with his handsome looks that attracted a broad section of the voters. It is almost 2 years now he has been the M.P. His achievement in two years is significant, that being although a single thing like Kochi IPL. Getting an IPL team for Kochi is an unmatched effort. He even had to sacrifice the coveted post of the Minister of state for External Affairs for that dutiful cause.

Let’s see how, getting an IPL team for Kochi will help his constituency Trivandrum.

Trivandrum district has the highest redunancy and unemployment that has increased from 8.8% in 1998 to 34.3% in 2003, in Kerala due to the years of negligence by the politicians and migration from other districts and Tamilnadu. Trivandrum city, the largest in Kerala with a population of  more than one million and the  metropolitan area being the biggest in Kerala with a population of roughly around 1.8 million, incidently has the most number of slums than in any other city in  Kerala. There are thirty-six identified slums in the city where about 12,000 people live.  Trivandrum enjoys the highest income levels in Kerala at the same time, people under the BPL is also one of the highest in Kerala. Trivandrum has the high suicide rate in the state, which went up from 17.2 per lakh in 1995 to 38.5 per lakh in 2002. Vizhinjam was identified to be a natural port many decades back but developing it, was not in the agenda for any of the Governments in the past. Cricket stadium allotted, was hijacked by people with regional bias and vested interests. Reinstating high court bench was resisted by another city lobby. Now we have to believe that Kochi IPL, a colossal and sacrificial endeavor from Tharoorji will solve all the problems of Trivandrum for sure. The matches will be played in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Kaloor, Kochi. The major chunk of collections will go to the random Gujaratis who own the Kochi team; a good chunk of money will go to the tainted Kerala Cricket Association and good share will be embezzled by its secretary T.C.Mathew and his cronies,  and the rest of the money to the Greater Cochin Development Authority and the Cochin Corporation. Kochi will be known across cricket playing nations and the tourist inflow to Kochi will increase. More businesses will spring up, more people will settle in Kochi…and so on, and so forth…the list of benefits will be endless. But then, where is Trivandrum in the scheme of things…? I cannot find anything for Trivandrum in this! Tharoorji might know the answer. He should answer because Kochi IPL is the only achievement he has got to show in the 2 years of his internship as an M.P. Tharoor saaar…if you’re  thinkng  that the people of Trivandrum will vote for you next time as well, then you’re in fools paradise unless and untill you decide to be proactive on solving the problems faced by  Trivandrum as a region. A gimmick like IPL is not what the ordinary people want.

The old boy-PM in waiting and his love for the Jihadis

                     cartoon courtesy: Satish Acharya-

M. Tiwariji finally goes to one of the Madame’s confident aide A.Patel and says almost whining and stamping both his foot alternatievly on the floor- “I am fed up of validating and substantiating the puerile statements, the ADULTESCENT person is blurting out. I am a practicing advocate; I have my pride at stake most of the time.”

A.Patel is the greatest sycophant of the dynasty family after one Mr.Dhawan many years ago and obviously, he didn’t like the way Tiwariji was talking. He said pushing his eyeballs rudely at Tiwari,” You are not supposed to complain; we have you in our party exactly for this than anything else. The boy(read 40 year old boy) is born imbecile and we want creative people like you to save him from the rude-rude world and…” He paused for a second and continued,” Aren’t you paid better than the Natrajans and singhvis? Right?”

Patel was pushing his chin to and forth as if asking Tiwariji whether he was right or not. Tiwariji cursed himself and got out talking to self, like a person in delirium in the Delhi winter-“A spokesman for some kindergarten would have been better than this.”

This has become a routine thing in the freedom party’s headquarters; either it’s the Diggy Wiggy Singh or it’s the old boy-PM in waiting blurting out gobbledygook statements as if to appease the Muslims and an M.Tiwari or a J.Natrajan put into explain the hidden theory and stuff of the genius’s revelations.

Reports from Pakistan say that the Al-Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Toiba are impressed by the Indian dynasty ruler boy’s revelations and think that it was one of the endorsement they were looking forward to from across the border although retired and forgotten subedars of the granny party, like Diggy Wiiggy Singh and Anthulay  were doing that for long. Conversely, Hafeez Syed and Lakhvi are very much angry about the Italian-Indian’s effort in undermining their strength. The masterminds of 26/11 have vowed to flaunt their jihadi strength in the coming days. They might even ask the middle aged youth to withdraw his Z-category security if he thinks that the Jihadis are just some saggy balls!

India’s projected future Prime Minister with a dual Indian-Italian passport is not just an idiot but a massive pinhead, who needs to learn that his statements will only create more and more shock treatments his party got  in Bihar and nothing else.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Scams! Scams! Colorful Scams!!

When this country is reeling under various scams courtesy the UPA government, the Keralites should understand that Scams are not the monopoly of  the UPA government at the centre alone, it has become a common phenomenon all over India. Among other states like Karnataka, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa and AP, Kerala also is emblazoned with the wonderful and colorful feathers of scams in its worn out cap.. If you’re thinking that I am going to bore you with the details of the recent employment scam happened in Kerala, you don’t have to worry, I’m not; for there are more scams in the state of Kerala for one to contemplate upon, those are perhaps, larger and enormous than the PSC scam. The land scam of Trivandrum, that took place as recent as this month is one of those, luckily for this Government it went unnoticed because of the inability of the local media to intercept the shoddy transactions in time. Before the beans were spilled, the district collector brought sanity to the whole issue by canceling all transactions and the limping Achuthanandan Government was saved from a scare that their counterparts are facing in West Bengal. 25000 acre land scam is looming around the ram shackled Government in West Bengal involving the housing minister there. The land scam has added salt to wound for the  CPI-M which is facing a definite set back in the coming elections .

The scams are colorful not only because of its enormity but also of the fancy names associated with it. Whom else other than Lalu Prasad Yadav could one associate to Fodder scam with,  as Lalu’s cowherd lifestyle has been often a subject of discussion. Food for oil, another fancy name was associated with the Congressman Natwar Singh, who disappeared into the oblivion with his project  of food for oil with Iraq. A.R.Anthulay who came up with the Pakistani agenda of Karkare conspiracy theory involved himself with a scam with his a prefix of his name called Anthulay trust scam when he was the CM of Maharastra in 1981. He embezzled Rs. 30 crore from state resources.

Thanks to Nehru, who started the series called scam in India by helping Krishna Menon evade a Rs. 80 Lakhs scam in jeeps purchased from U.K.. Nehru’s  soul must have been proud by his grand son Sanjay Gandhi's involvement in the Maruti scandal in 1974. Congress can be relieved of their umpteen scams to the one called Tehelka sting operation where the BJP president Bangaru Laxman lost his job and the membership of his party after taking a bribe of lakh.

Lavalin scam is not that old to be forgotten by any means, allegations on the  then Electricity minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan was believed to be involved among some bureaucrats and case was filed against him and several others by the CBI. His party instead of fighting the case in the court said that will fight it politically. Off late we hear that Pinarayi has support from unexpected quarters as apparently a central Minister hailing from Kerala was trying to sabotage the investigation. Palmolein hero former chief minister of Kerala Karunakaran is now too old and weak to be punished, same is with people named in many other scams. Scams rule the roost in the present day politics as it was in the olden golden days. Scams emerge one after the other with the culprits declared innocents from almost every cases. What will happen to Kalmadi, Raja, Ashok Chavan, Pinarayi, Yegyurappa and the umpteen others is any body’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody would rename India as Scamistan or Scamdesh!!
Picture courtesy:

Scams and swindles: Silver Lake Publishing

Monday, December 13, 2010

Karkare conspiracy theory -2 courtesy: Digvijay Singh

The congress was the first party to play minority card and garner sizable number of Muslim votes in the Independent India. They monopolized the same until the Laloos and Mulayams snatched it from them. The Muslim league that divided India in the name of religion is still an ally of the Congress in Kerala. The leftist have also played and is playing the same divisive politics all these years in Kerala and Bengal trying to accumulate support from the minorities. The latest wikileak cables on which the American Embassy wired during 2009 says that “Congress was likely to play the murky minority card game in the 2009 Lokhsabha election by letting loose Anthulay blurt out the Karkare conspiracy theory” - another evidence to substantiate on the accusation of its vote bank politics. Earlier it was widely believed that Anthulay had taken a leaf out of a Pakistani news channel reporting their invention of Karkare conspiracy theory.

The latest effort was from Digvijay singh, who yet again came about demonizing Hindu terrorism, Saturday morning. Ofcourse there have been minute sparks of terrorism by groups in Malegaon blast, but having invalid claim and accusations will only help in increasing hatred and further strengthening of these groups. Digvijay Singhs effort is nothing but to get back all the Muslim support they have lost in the elections in the last couple of decades. Dragging a martyr like Hemant Karkare who laid down his life in protecting the nation, is like demeaning his effort and justifying Pakistani establishment’s rubbish claims. It was a befitting reply from Karkare’s widow Kavitha, to gimmicky like Digvijay singh, that Karkare’s killing has nothing to do with Hindu groups and she has also asked the government to probe Digvijay's  intentions behind the remarks. She also said that linking Hindu groups will only help the Pakistanis and terrorists sponsored by it. Surprisingly many books have been already written on the conspiracy theory to allegedly help the ISI backed terrorists outfits. Moreover, the claim of Digvijay singh that Karkare had called him 3 hours before the latter died is utter rubbish. Why should Karkare call Digvijay singh, who is not any official in his hierarchy or even a minister or a person from Mumbai and that too in the middle of all the commotion? By evening Digvijay took a U-turn and said that, he did not say anything about Hindu group’s involvement in the issue. Congress itself washed its hands on the issue as they washed their hands off as in the case with Anthulay. However, one has to doubt about Singh’s intentions in coming out with these revelations after 2 years of the incident. This could be a well-planned diversion tactics from the part of the Congress machinery to take the focus away from the numerous scam it is in and also to save the big unknown fishes involved in the 2G scam. 

Digvijay Singh will be happy that he has got enough attention which he was craving for. He should also ask for an enquiry into his own party man YSR Rajasekhara Reddy’s death in the mysterious chopper accident; he'll get better attention. Does he have the spine to do that or he’s going to live all his years as a sycophant of the Nehru family?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are the corporates running a parallel Government?


Once I saw on the Grand road bridge in Mumbai, police driving away the homeless who had sprawled tents to make their humble dwellings. The police were charging the people with lathis and were throwing their aluminum utensils meant for cooking, plastic pots meant to fetch water from the public taps, their ragged clothes, worn straw mats on which they stretched themselves in the night, into the garbage bin. I saw them pleading to the police to spare them; none of them were spared nor their pauper tents. There are millions of people in our country like the ones I mentioned above, who does not have a place to sleep- who sleep on the pavements and roads; there are millions who sleep in one room chawls. In places like Mumbai or Delhi, there are families as big as a dozen or a score who live (cramped) in a 100 sqft. area or less than that.  They eat, sleep, answer their nature’s calls, copulate, and entertain within this limited space. There are millions of people  in our country who can’t afford to have a one time meal. There are millions of lower middle class people who struggle to make their both ends meet. Rickshaw pullers, scavengers, chaprazis, scrap pickers, beggars constitute the major chunk of Indians. Does any one in this country care?

We also have people with family as small as four members living in buildings as large as 30 floors, 150m tall, and 1500000 sqft. in a congested city like  Mumbai. The area as large as this could have normally accommodated a 1000 families otherwise. Then, as somebody said with pride- that’s life style!  Phew! The so called educated middle-class are proud of the sprawling bungalows and mansions of the fat-cats that showcases style and grandeur. We like their life style, we like the way they carry themselves. We love to watch them pass in their Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz. We love their expensive watches and glittering suits that worth lakhs, we get a sense of ecstasy by watching them as if watching a larger than life Rajnikanth movie. We hate people living in single rooms and pavements. Those people let us down by displaying our poverty to other countries. We want our country to be known by the billionaires who amass wealth in exponents. Whether they multiply their money diluting the policies of the national government or whether they  change  national budgets in their favour or whether they multiply their funds by causing losses amounting to billions to the exchequer is not a botheration for us. We want to stand tall and say that we have more billionaires than the U.S. or China. We want to say that we will be the second biggest economy in 2040. We don’t care about the people (an alarming 35% of India’s population is Below Poverty Line) who live under poverty! What if we have 60% under poverty by 2040, we don’t care, we just want more billionaires and want to become the second biggest economy with a sizable population under poverty!  Is this the India that our forefathers who fought sacrificing their life against the British, envisaged? Where has Nehru’s socialist principles gone? The so-called socialist and the communists have already sold themselves to people once they despised as monopolistic gentries.

The poverty alleviation program that started during Jawaharlal Nehru’s period is still running without any result, in fact the percentage of poor have only increased. Why are any of the members in the Parliament talking about tackling poverty (except for Mr.Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who incidentally doesn’t belong to any political party)? Why are the poor and their problems never given importance? What are the programs for the poorest of poor, what are the projects for the homeless? No one knows because every political party are only interested in obliging to the corporates who enrich their funds in crores periodically. The political parties and the so-called national media is silent on the heinous offenses committed by the corporates for obvious reasons. Some corporate brothers are fighting for oil fields as if they are fighting for toys as they did in their childhood. They are fighting for Government resources as if they have inherited the country. They buy officials and journalists and finish off people who disagree with them. Journalist are paid to write eulogies on them. Those who think of nailing them die in air accidents. The educated middle class youth wants to identify themselves with these rogues, without being aware that they have immersed themselves in a false sense of pride. The 2G scam saw Tata causing almost Rs.60000 crores loss to the exchequer according to CAG, the reliance under the shield of swan also could have caused an equal amount of loss to the exchequer if not more. An amount as big as Rs. 175000 crores could have helped in developing programs for eradicating poverty or building houses for the homeless or tackiling redundancy. What is the difference between Dawood Ibrahim and these corporates? Dawood Ibrahim did illegal business without the support of the law and these guys are allowed to indulge in malpractices in the name of business legally; that’s the only difference and although there is no religious terrorism, however, that is made up by crimes that in no means are lesser than terrorism. Do not ever blame the systems, the systems, law and constitution have been made in the right way, it is the people who don’t follow the systems. When Lalith Modi was criticized, one of the progressive Indian lady from London asked me,” Why are you people so cynical? Why are you so much prejudiced? Modi has done the nation proud” ( as if IPL  eradicated poverty and created jobs in enormity). He was doing the nation proud by showing that we are the record holders for swindling. He had to abscond because he was not as powerful as some of our corporates. Having said that, I must say that all the corporates aren’t like the above; there are people like Narayan Murthy of Infosys who still lives in a 2-3 bedroom apartment or Azim Premji of Wipro, who hit the news for his achievements in business rather than any pompous or extravagant life styles or interfering in budgets and ministry formations.

If the young people who think that few malls, flyovers and luxurious cars plying on the road make a country developed, they are wrong. A country becomes developed when the living index goes up and not when Obama declares India as developed or by the things mentioned above, that means the poverty in the country should be reduced to a meager. This country will go to dogs if the Governments (UPA, NDA or ABCD) doesn’t stop functioning at the behest of certain corporates. Straightforward politicians are a rarity, but there are few of them, who should join hands and stop this country from rotting and looting. Everyone knows what had happened to Pakistan, the Army has been running a parallel Government there and the people are suffering. We shouldn’t allow a parallel government to operate in the form of corporates. We want to have the Government- OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.

 picture courtesy:, slightlymorethandirt

The rich-poor divide : Tony Novak

Friday, December 3, 2010

Will Pakistan disintegrate in 2013?


On the wake of the second anniversary of 26/11, we the common people of India were lamenting on the fact that

  1. even 2 years after the carnage,
  2. even after the Indian Government had given ample proofs by means of dossier after dossier to the Pakistani establishment,
  3. even after Kasab has confessed,
  4. even after Headley’s revelation was recorded by the intelligence in India and the police in the U.S. ,

the perpetuaters of 26/11 Mumbai attack are still perambulating freely in the galis of Pakistani cities.

Nothing will happen to them for sure. Pakistan will not act, even if the U.S. reprimands them. Pakistan cannot and will not act. The following account by a journo from Pakistan substantiates my pessimism in this matter.

An independent observer and a blogger from Pakistan Ayesha Siddiqa says in her blog- Quote Whats more important to remember are that the jihadis (aka Pakistani Taliban) are well-entrenched in Pakistan's intelligence system and even its establishment. No wonder, Pakistan's courts have been acquitting jihadis like Lashkare Jhangavi's Malik Ishaq. Recently, the courts acquitted those accused of involvement in the Marriott bombing case and the suicide attack against Lt. general Mushtaq Baig. These decisions could have been changed if the agencies were willing to sort out the jihadis. The segment within the agencies which supports jihad and jihadis has now strengthened. The army and its intelligence agencies now have a dependence on these jihadis. Unquote.

The Pakistani agencies whether it be the Government, the ISI or the military, they all depend on the jihadis for everything under the sky. It has become an irreversible system that runs in a close cycle. Every child in the world knows the nexus between the jihadis, the army, a section of the media and the ISI. For eg. Pakistani Government’s destructive work was taken up by the Laskar-e-Toiba in Jammu and Kashmir for the last couple of decades. However, Pakistan for temporary gains and convenience is in a denial mode and in-turn laments  that they are the latest victims of the terrorism. The imbecile (you can read as Zardari) and his cronies, who runs the Government in Pakistan lacks vision and sensible long term plans, for that matter every Pakistani ruler in the past was no different. They have deliberately goofed up opportunities to reform the rotten systems in Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan is degrowing and the country is in shambles. When the floods swept Pakistan, the foreign minister had to travel all around the world with the begging bowl as the funds they get from the U.S. are spent towards terrorists’ welfare and amassing warfare. The common people there, essentially ignorant due to the lack of proper education and exposure, and mislead-ed continuously by rotten clergies on matters concerning religion, are unaware of the danger that their country is heading to.  Moreover, there has been a deliberate attempt by the Pakistani authorities and the army to project the jihads and terrorist as nationalists. Neither Pakistan will try to get out of this dangerous situation nor are the Americans going to tell them. Whether Pakistan will take action against the perpetuaters of 26/11 carnage will remain a question. We cannot wait eternally for an answer from Pakistan. All India has to do now is to safe guard its borders robustly as it will not be too long when the Taliban is going to take over the banana republic of Pakistan. The rest of the things will take its own course.

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Global Justice or Global Revenge?: International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

WANTED in a Bedlam in Pakistan

Can anyone recognize the nincompoop in the above photograph? He is a familiar face with the Pakistanis, as he serves the rare species of literates in Pakistan with their daily routine of tabloid journalism. In India his mediocrity and his half-witted countenance was familiarized by the Times now channel. Arnab Goswami has a habit of picking up some Tom, Dick and Harry from across the border to beef up his otherwise arid panel discussions with their absurdity and preposterous statements. The guy in the photograph is a regular panelist from Pakistan who make Indians smile sardonically at him with his puerile and ludicrous statements.

His name is Hamid Mir, the Managing Director (this shows that even amateur can be at the helm of TV channels in Pakistan) of Geo TV. When Mir mian speaks, he is quite uncomfortable in front of the camera not because he is puking absurdity but because he is struggling to put his words together, sometimes trying to get the grammar right and sometimes gulping in the air for right words. The pitiable English of the Pakistanis is pardonable owing to the education at Madrassas and shoddy universities, but what about the thoughtless statements these guys blurt out. His statements are like an impudent schoolboy comparing his father’s biceps muscle with the closest rival in the class, to score a point or two over the latter. Let’s see a couple of examples of the statements that he had given in the News hour program in Times Now channel on two different occasions:--

  1. It was not the Indian army who defeated Pakistan in 1971(Bangladeshi liberation war) instead, it was Mukti Bahini, the people’s movement in Bangladesh. Indian’s are trying to take credit from the Mukti Bahini.

  1. Indian president has no powers compared to the Pakistan President.

I am not going to counter his puerile statements, as we all clearly know what the real History is, but would like to ask certain things to know whether this guy is mentally retarded or deeply affected by amnesia.

I wonder whether Hamid Mir has had a background to read authentic history (History books in Pakistan says that India was formed after partitioned from Pakistan) nor was there someone at his home naive enough to tell him while he was brought up, what’s logic and what’s not.  If an unarmed people’s organization like Mukti Bahini could single handedly defeat an army who has been supplemented with American funds and weapons, then what should be the army called---- an army of eunuchs? By his first statement, Hamid Mir is more or less comparing the Pakistan army to a bunch of eunuchs.

In the second (numbered) statement given above, he is comparing the Indian president with the Pakistani president.  In Pakistan’s short history we have seen that by drop of a hat, the army in Pakistan can overthrow their so-called powerful president..  Can Mir show a single instance of the Indian President getting toppled at any point of time in its 63 years of Independence? Hamid Mir should be thrown in some bedlam and treated until he gets his facts right. Some of Arnab Goswami’s programs already lack content and over and above, he is presenting poppycock harangues like Hamid Mir to emblazon the panel discussions. God save Times now!!

Also read Hamid Mir's alleged connection with militants:

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Oh God. So now what? What should I tell them? Tell me what should I tell them?".

NDTV’s effort to project themselves as a liberal and transparent Channel and to prove their political editor- the tainted Barkha Dutt’s innocence through a debate, yesterday fell flat. The question posed by the eminent journalists in the panel, on the Barkah Dutt’s involvement with Niira Radia in influencing the Congress leadership and the DMK chief Karunanidhi to instill A.Raja as the telecom minister in 2009 on the behest of a couple of corporates, went unanswered to the disatisfacton of the panel as well as  the viewers. The question posed by Pradeep Padgaonkar, Sanjay Baru, Swapan Das Gupta and the Open Magazine Editor,Manu Joseph fell into deaf ears. Didn’t Barkha Dutt contemplate that the episode of a corporate PR person like Niira Radia, involving on the behalf of certain Corporates to the extent of deciding the minister in the UPA cabinet worth a story in her channel? That was exactly Manu Joseph wanted to know from Barkha Dutt. At first, she tried her best to shy away from the question, but on Manu Joseph’s persistence, she gave a ludicrous answer that, at that point of time she never felt that it was worth a story and continued saying that she erred in judgment. Manu Joseph again pointed out  that one could err in judgment once but how about twice, indicating that Barkha Dutt was involved in the activity of lobbying in 2009 as well as 2010. Barkha Dutt with the help of NDTV’s Senior Managing editor evaded the questions and escaped temporarily.  How can a journalist with a caliber of Barkha Dutt err twice on a story that could have been the greatest breaking news of the decade?

Every child in this country knows what kind of a relation Barkha Dutt has with Niira Radia after the the tapes got published, and no body in this country is foolish enough to think that Ms. Dutt was going to give a breaking story on her closest friend’s lobbying and power broking episode(which incidently she too was involved). Again, the tapes clearly showed that it was Radia who was calling up Barkha Dutt and not the vice versa. That itself disproves Barkha Dutt’s claim that she got in touch with Radiia to get information. Moreover, what about this dialogue of Barkha Dutt- Quote "Oh God. So now what? What should I tell them? Tell me what should I tell them?". Unquote. What does it mean? Why was Ms.Dutt so much nervous and anxious? Did she have some deadline? I hope one day, we will get all the answers from the horse’s mouth itself.

Some of the so-called apostles of the fourth estate have yet again proved that they are nothing less than a mafia. The only consolation to the people of the country is that we still have a few of them ethical, straightforward and true to their self.

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