Friday, December 17, 2010

Scams! Scams! Colorful Scams!!

When this country is reeling under various scams courtesy the UPA government, the Keralites should understand that Scams are not the monopoly of  the UPA government at the centre alone, it has become a common phenomenon all over India. Among other states like Karnataka, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa and AP, Kerala also is emblazoned with the wonderful and colorful feathers of scams in its worn out cap.. If you’re thinking that I am going to bore you with the details of the recent employment scam happened in Kerala, you don’t have to worry, I’m not; for there are more scams in the state of Kerala for one to contemplate upon, those are perhaps, larger and enormous than the PSC scam. The land scam of Trivandrum, that took place as recent as this month is one of those, luckily for this Government it went unnoticed because of the inability of the local media to intercept the shoddy transactions in time. Before the beans were spilled, the district collector brought sanity to the whole issue by canceling all transactions and the limping Achuthanandan Government was saved from a scare that their counterparts are facing in West Bengal. 25000 acre land scam is looming around the ram shackled Government in West Bengal involving the housing minister there. The land scam has added salt to wound for the  CPI-M which is facing a definite set back in the coming elections .

The scams are colorful not only because of its enormity but also of the fancy names associated with it. Whom else other than Lalu Prasad Yadav could one associate to Fodder scam with,  as Lalu’s cowherd lifestyle has been often a subject of discussion. Food for oil, another fancy name was associated with the Congressman Natwar Singh, who disappeared into the oblivion with his project  of food for oil with Iraq. A.R.Anthulay who came up with the Pakistani agenda of Karkare conspiracy theory involved himself with a scam with his a prefix of his name called Anthulay trust scam when he was the CM of Maharastra in 1981. He embezzled Rs. 30 crore from state resources.

Thanks to Nehru, who started the series called scam in India by helping Krishna Menon evade a Rs. 80 Lakhs scam in jeeps purchased from U.K.. Nehru’s  soul must have been proud by his grand son Sanjay Gandhi's involvement in the Maruti scandal in 1974. Congress can be relieved of their umpteen scams to the one called Tehelka sting operation where the BJP president Bangaru Laxman lost his job and the membership of his party after taking a bribe of lakh.

Lavalin scam is not that old to be forgotten by any means, allegations on the  then Electricity minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan was believed to be involved among some bureaucrats and case was filed against him and several others by the CBI. His party instead of fighting the case in the court said that will fight it politically. Off late we hear that Pinarayi has support from unexpected quarters as apparently a central Minister hailing from Kerala was trying to sabotage the investigation. Palmolein hero former chief minister of Kerala Karunakaran is now too old and weak to be punished, same is with people named in many other scams. Scams rule the roost in the present day politics as it was in the olden golden days. Scams emerge one after the other with the culprits declared innocents from almost every cases. What will happen to Kalmadi, Raja, Ashok Chavan, Pinarayi, Yegyurappa and the umpteen others is any body’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody would rename India as Scamistan or Scamdesh!!
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