Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have nothing to hide! really!!

At the granny party’s plenary summit when the octogenerian  said ,” I have nothing to hide!”, some of the women members in the audience might have  got astonished  and would have inadvertently exclaimed, “uhh! this old man seems to be  shameless..Is he trying to say that he has nothing…to hide?”

I have seen many times in the train journeys when the train passes through the interiors of Andhra and Maharastra  angry  hermaphrodites, when refused alms, lift  their skirts or sarees up and screech at people thus- ,” Dekho, Mera nahin hai ! I hope not, this is the case there too. The old man could be definitely joking.
But surprisingly he also said that he’s somebody’s wife…hmmm...who was it? ah..I remember.now…”.Ceaser’s wife”. But I guess, Ceaser’s wife was a woman…I’m confused! Can a woman be a hermaphrodite or vice versa? I think when he whispered both the statements on the mic, his party workers were amused and there were loud applause all over. Could that be something good whatever he said or could that be some joke. Conversely, people outside the granny party are beginning to believe that he’s giving those weird statements to shield someone above him from the smolder of corruption. Well, one could see in the TV that the gore-log were laughing and merry making all through the summit and has to believe that they were really having  fun at the expense of their supreme servile. Talking about the gore log some facts comes into ones mind- We, the Indians allowed the Arabs and the Persians to hijack the Indian power in the 8th century and helped them establish a rule for 1000 years.  The British exploited our ignorance that is still perceived as tolerance, did it in the 19th century, and continued until the middle of 20th century. Will the Italians under the veil of Indian citizenship go on to exploit our so called tolerance (it is actually ignorance) and be the next?

The octogenarian has everything to hide!

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I-Ore Trading said...

Hi Jothish,

Most people have misunderstood what the Prime Minister said. It is not "I have nothing to hide." It is "I have nowhere to hide."

He has already used the idiom nothing to hide with Pakistan at Sharm - el - Shaikh and had to retract his statement before the people of India and the Parliament. The trust deficit has grown larger now.