Friday, December 3, 2010

Will Pakistan disintegrate in 2013?


On the wake of the second anniversary of 26/11, we the common people of India were lamenting on the fact that

  1. even 2 years after the carnage,
  2. even after the Indian Government had given ample proofs by means of dossier after dossier to the Pakistani establishment,
  3. even after Kasab has confessed,
  4. even after Headley’s revelation was recorded by the intelligence in India and the police in the U.S. ,

the perpetuaters of 26/11 Mumbai attack are still perambulating freely in the galis of Pakistani cities.

Nothing will happen to them for sure. Pakistan will not act, even if the U.S. reprimands them. Pakistan cannot and will not act. The following account by a journo from Pakistan substantiates my pessimism in this matter.

An independent observer and a blogger from Pakistan Ayesha Siddiqa says in her blog- Quote Whats more important to remember are that the jihadis (aka Pakistani Taliban) are well-entrenched in Pakistan's intelligence system and even its establishment. No wonder, Pakistan's courts have been acquitting jihadis like Lashkare Jhangavi's Malik Ishaq. Recently, the courts acquitted those accused of involvement in the Marriott bombing case and the suicide attack against Lt. general Mushtaq Baig. These decisions could have been changed if the agencies were willing to sort out the jihadis. The segment within the agencies which supports jihad and jihadis has now strengthened. The army and its intelligence agencies now have a dependence on these jihadis. Unquote.

The Pakistani agencies whether it be the Government, the ISI or the military, they all depend on the jihadis for everything under the sky. It has become an irreversible system that runs in a close cycle. Every child in the world knows the nexus between the jihadis, the army, a section of the media and the ISI. For eg. Pakistani Government’s destructive work was taken up by the Laskar-e-Toiba in Jammu and Kashmir for the last couple of decades. However, Pakistan for temporary gains and convenience is in a denial mode and in-turn laments  that they are the latest victims of the terrorism. The imbecile (you can read as Zardari) and his cronies, who runs the Government in Pakistan lacks vision and sensible long term plans, for that matter every Pakistani ruler in the past was no different. They have deliberately goofed up opportunities to reform the rotten systems in Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan is degrowing and the country is in shambles. When the floods swept Pakistan, the foreign minister had to travel all around the world with the begging bowl as the funds they get from the U.S. are spent towards terrorists’ welfare and amassing warfare. The common people there, essentially ignorant due to the lack of proper education and exposure, and mislead-ed continuously by rotten clergies on matters concerning religion, are unaware of the danger that their country is heading to.  Moreover, there has been a deliberate attempt by the Pakistani authorities and the army to project the jihads and terrorist as nationalists. Neither Pakistan will try to get out of this dangerous situation nor are the Americans going to tell them. Whether Pakistan will take action against the perpetuaters of 26/11 carnage will remain a question. We cannot wait eternally for an answer from Pakistan. All India has to do now is to safe guard its borders robustly as it will not be too long when the Taliban is going to take over the banana republic of Pakistan. The rest of the things will take its own course.

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Global Justice or Global Revenge?: International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads 

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