Friday, July 20, 2012

Dileep, The Best Actor

        The Kerala state film award for the Best Actor goes to Dileep. Dileep's intial reaction was that he was surprised and the award was totally unexpected. Many of us also have the same opinion. Dileep, it seems, has displaced (with the help of the jury) two contenders this year (films of last year), Mohanlal (for Pranayam) and Thilakan (for Indian Rupee). 10/10 of the reviews of both "Pranayam" and "Indian Rupee" had approbated the acting of Mohanlal and Thilakan respectively. None of the reviews of " Vellaripravinte Changathi" (for which Dileep got the award) even mention any speciality in Dileep's acting. Moreover, news reports say that Dileep's name never came up until the last hours of Award jury's discussion. It was Mohanlal and Anupam Kher who were in consideration for the best actor award until one hour before the declaration of awards.

Did the jury who decided the awards consider only 2 films, when they decided on the best actor award-- ie; "Vellaripravinte Changathi" and "Krishnanum Radhayum"? Did the jury consider only 2 actors-- "Dileep" and "Santhosh Pandit"?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Talibanization of Kerala

             Last week, the 5th minister of the Muslim League (forcefully inducted into the UDF ministry) - Manjalamkuzhi Ali, inaugurated an unusual program at Kamaleswaram high school, situated in Trivandrum city. He inaugurated -the distribution of study materials to " THE STUDENTS HAILING FROM THE MINORITY COMMUNITY",  Students from Muslim and Christian ( a handful of them) community were handed over the study materials in an embelleshing function at the school campus, while the rest of the students stood watching the proceedings startled, not knowing why this discrimination on the basis of religion.

         This incident is just one of the several incidents that showcases the religious discrimination policy adopted by the Congress led UDF government. Muslim League, the second biggest party in the UDF government has taken over the governance from the Spineless Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and misusing it for their benefit. Incidents like

(1) issuing orders to the government teachers to wear green colored blouses at school
(2) registering (illegally) vast lands owned by Calicut University  to the names of Muslim League president Thangal's nephew and Industry minister Kunhalikutty's uncle.
(3) senting circulars to the Panchayats by the government to contribute/donate Rs.3,00,000 to C.H.Centre(An instituition in the name of Muslim League patriach C.H.Mohammed Koya and owned by Muslim League)
(4) Education Minister Abdu Rub ignoring the government's decision(that was announced by the Cheif Minister in the assembly) to take over 35 schools and declaring in the assembly his party decision to grand aided tiltle to those particular schools that eventually would help the management who hails from his community
displays the characteristics of this government.

       Central government policy to appoint police officers on the basis of Muslim population ratio, has been hastily implemented in Kerala. Free training for competitive exams exclusively for Muslim youths gets rolling. Strengthening Madrasas, pensions for Mukris, Muslim special scholarship are some of the programs that are clearly showing the religious discrimination policy adopted by the UDF government.

      Abdu Rub, the eductaion minister has also been in controversy for his despical acts towards Indian culture and heritage, like- changing the name of his official residence from Ganga to grace, and refusing to light Kerala traditional lamp at a function.

     This government reminds us of an era when India shuddered under the foreign Muslim rule. Its time for the people to wake up and prevent the Talibanization of Kerala state.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Who's younger Mammootty or SRK?

The megastar of Malayalam Cinema was shocked! An old man like Shahrukh Khan, half a century old had touched his feet in reverence in a Television Award function in Dubai. Hundreds of movie fans watched it in flesh and blood, millions watched it in Television. Mammootty would have cursed himself for attending the function; he might have dwindled like a worm. Mammootty was always releaved for his intelligent fans ignorance of his real age. Incidently, I asked my friend RL, a hard core Mammootty fan and a rare twenty first century innocent guy, about his idol's age. He replied confidently-" around 53-54, not more not less". Like RL a large number of people in Kerala believes that Mammoottty is a 53 year old young man.  So when an old man like Shahrukh Khan, almost 50 year old man falls on his feet, what would his possessed fans think? What would an egostic-narcissist actor think?