Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vision- Right Angle: Christian Greed

Vision- Right Angle: Christian Greed: "Jesus Christ is known as the apostle of peace and at one instance he transgressed himself to demolish the greedy. Little he would have ..."

Christian Greed

Jesus Christ is known as the apostle of peace and at one instance he transgressed himself to demolish the greedy. Little he would have thought that his followers in a tiny strip of land called Kerala is destroying peace and embracing violence for safe guarding their greed for money. The CSI church, the other day, displayed its intolerance and thrashed up journalists in Thiruvananthapuram, who had exhumed the shoddy activities (of selling the Medical merit seats for exorbitant rates) of the CSI church and made available it in the public domain. While I write this, I’m also not certain that even I would be spared by these CSI hooligans. Such is their money and muscle power.

We have been watching the inter Church Council fighting tooth and nail with the Governments to protect their greed. Christianity in Kerala has become synonym for money and conversions using cajolement. We saw the two sections of Orthodox Church waging war at each other a couple of years ago and the end result of which claimed a person’s life. The kind of words the rival Bishops were using to attack each other would even put the criminals to shame. Ultimately everyone wants to have a big share of the pie.  

PSALM 58:2
Yea.  in heart ye work wickedness; ye weigh the violence of your hands in the earth.

Lord Jesus! Don’t forgive them!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A letter from Pakistan

         At the outset let’s congratulate the UPA (Indian) government for facilitating our fighters (terrorists or jihadis to the Indians) blasts their bombs and shoot their bullets on the hapless citizens of the financial hub of India, Bombay (we don’t want to call it Mumbai as the Hindu fundamentalists wants to call it) again and again.

We also want to congratulate Rahul Gandhi who bite the American ambassador‘s ear repeatedly at a dinner meeting to convince the latter that Islamic terrorism is just okay for his Government when compared to the Hindu one.

We also like to congratulate our brother Mr.Digvijaya Singh Moulana (we like to add Moulana to his name for the immense love we have for him) who gave us a clean chit on 26/11 and put the blame on the R.S.S with his wonderful conspiracy theory, and for his incessant support for our Lashkar-e-toiba , Jashe-e-Mohammed fighters and our Indian brothers  Mujahideen and SIMI.

We are relieved that they (Indians) have a home minister who’s more concerned about the Muslim votes than our fighters who rampage their cities. We are also relieved because they have an idiot of an External Affairs Minister who has a good habit of reading somebody else’s speech and then behave as if he has done some smart work. 

We are thankful to the Hindustani Huqqumat (Indian Government) for taking care of our fighters Afsal Guru(Thanx to SoniaG and Ghulam Nabii Azad for their special interest in delaying his sentence) and Ajmal Kasab, and spending crores of Indian Rupees on their welfare.

Thank you Indian Government, Thank you.

With love 

From Pakistan