Saturday, December 18, 2010

The old boy-PM in waiting and his love for the Jihadis

                     cartoon courtesy: Satish Acharya-

M. Tiwariji finally goes to one of the Madame’s confident aide A.Patel and says almost whining and stamping both his foot alternatievly on the floor- “I am fed up of validating and substantiating the puerile statements, the ADULTESCENT person is blurting out. I am a practicing advocate; I have my pride at stake most of the time.”

A.Patel is the greatest sycophant of the dynasty family after one Mr.Dhawan many years ago and obviously, he didn’t like the way Tiwariji was talking. He said pushing his eyeballs rudely at Tiwari,” You are not supposed to complain; we have you in our party exactly for this than anything else. The boy(read 40 year old boy) is born imbecile and we want creative people like you to save him from the rude-rude world and…” He paused for a second and continued,” Aren’t you paid better than the Natrajans and singhvis? Right?”

Patel was pushing his chin to and forth as if asking Tiwariji whether he was right or not. Tiwariji cursed himself and got out talking to self, like a person in delirium in the Delhi winter-“A spokesman for some kindergarten would have been better than this.”

This has become a routine thing in the freedom party’s headquarters; either it’s the Diggy Wiggy Singh or it’s the old boy-PM in waiting blurting out gobbledygook statements as if to appease the Muslims and an M.Tiwari or a J.Natrajan put into explain the hidden theory and stuff of the genius’s revelations.

Reports from Pakistan say that the Al-Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Toiba are impressed by the Indian dynasty ruler boy’s revelations and think that it was one of the endorsement they were looking forward to from across the border although retired and forgotten subedars of the granny party, like Diggy Wiiggy Singh and Anthulay  were doing that for long. Conversely, Hafeez Syed and Lakhvi are very much angry about the Italian-Indian’s effort in undermining their strength. The masterminds of 26/11 have vowed to flaunt their jihadi strength in the coming days. They might even ask the middle aged youth to withdraw his Z-category security if he thinks that the Jihadis are just some saggy balls!

India’s projected future Prime Minister with a dual Indian-Italian passport is not just an idiot but a massive pinhead, who needs to learn that his statements will only create more and more shock treatments his party got  in Bihar and nothing else.

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