Monday, December 13, 2010

Karkare conspiracy theory -2 courtesy: Digvijay Singh

The congress was the first party to play minority card and garner sizable number of Muslim votes in the Independent India. They monopolized the same until the Laloos and Mulayams snatched it from them. The Muslim league that divided India in the name of religion is still an ally of the Congress in Kerala. The leftist have also played and is playing the same divisive politics all these years in Kerala and Bengal trying to accumulate support from the minorities. The latest wikileak cables on which the American Embassy wired during 2009 says that “Congress was likely to play the murky minority card game in the 2009 Lokhsabha election by letting loose Anthulay blurt out the Karkare conspiracy theory” - another evidence to substantiate on the accusation of its vote bank politics. Earlier it was widely believed that Anthulay had taken a leaf out of a Pakistani news channel reporting their invention of Karkare conspiracy theory.

The latest effort was from Digvijay singh, who yet again came about demonizing Hindu terrorism, Saturday morning. Ofcourse there have been minute sparks of terrorism by groups in Malegaon blast, but having invalid claim and accusations will only help in increasing hatred and further strengthening of these groups. Digvijay Singhs effort is nothing but to get back all the Muslim support they have lost in the elections in the last couple of decades. Dragging a martyr like Hemant Karkare who laid down his life in protecting the nation, is like demeaning his effort and justifying Pakistani establishment’s rubbish claims. It was a befitting reply from Karkare’s widow Kavitha, to gimmicky like Digvijay singh, that Karkare’s killing has nothing to do with Hindu groups and she has also asked the government to probe Digvijay's  intentions behind the remarks. She also said that linking Hindu groups will only help the Pakistanis and terrorists sponsored by it. Surprisingly many books have been already written on the conspiracy theory to allegedly help the ISI backed terrorists outfits. Moreover, the claim of Digvijay singh that Karkare had called him 3 hours before the latter died is utter rubbish. Why should Karkare call Digvijay singh, who is not any official in his hierarchy or even a minister or a person from Mumbai and that too in the middle of all the commotion? By evening Digvijay took a U-turn and said that, he did not say anything about Hindu group’s involvement in the issue. Congress itself washed its hands on the issue as they washed their hands off as in the case with Anthulay. However, one has to doubt about Singh’s intentions in coming out with these revelations after 2 years of the incident. This could be a well-planned diversion tactics from the part of the Congress machinery to take the focus away from the numerous scam it is in and also to save the big unknown fishes involved in the 2G scam. 

Digvijay Singh will be happy that he has got enough attention which he was craving for. He should also ask for an enquiry into his own party man YSR Rajasekhara Reddy’s death in the mysterious chopper accident; he'll get better attention. Does he have the spine to do that or he’s going to live all his years as a sycophant of the Nehru family?


BK Chowla, said...

In my opinion, it was a trickplayed by congress on us .But, within hours of this stupid statement, Congress and Digvijay himself retracted the statement.
Never understand the intelligence of the common man.

Jothish Nair said...

@BK Chowla absolutely