Thursday, December 23, 2010

This period is worst than the emergency


                                                After the totalitarian and barbaric Government of Indira Gandhi during the emergency in the mid 70’s , this government run by the Italian born Sonia Gandhi and her puppet prime minister seems to be jeopardizing the life of the common man in India in every aspect. The number of scams that run into billions has caused big losses to the economy of the country. The enormous price rise is making the life miserable of not only the poor but also of the large middle class of this country. The inflation level (currently at 8%) is looming large like monster. The inability to curb terrorism and Maoist attacks, failure in international policies (eg. The U-turn taken by Jairam Ramesh on emissions at Cancun, to please his American bosses), inability to channelize food grains from wasting out, containing the black marketeers,  are the few things among other that dispalys  the character of this failed UPA government.

The ministers are swirling like blind men in a typhoon. Chidambaram showing skills of sycophancy well during the plenary meet was wailing like a child few months back unable to get support from his own government to take stern action against the Maoist.  He was incessantly whining that –“ I don’t have the mandate… please give me some mandate!” The cable leaked by Wiki leaks tells that the Indian Army has weakened and is vulnerable; nobody knows what the defense minister’s role is these days as A.K. Antony scarcely opens his mouth. Wiki leaks also revealed the ruling party’s intentions to play murky vote bank politics during the 2009 Lokh Sabha elections. The foreign minister was seen loosing the plot in front of his Pakistani counter part few months ago, putting all of us in shame. The home minister was praising themselves for the growth figures achieved on behalf of Pranob Mukherji , but refrained from explaining the alarming  inflation levels. If you can’t provide a decent atmosphere for the people to live, then what’s the great shake in the growth you’re talking about? Everyone knows what had happened with the telecom ministry. Raja, the choice of the corporates helped the congress to embezzle billions and the Congress obliged him by washing their hands off. The minority affairs minister was defending the banned terrorist organization SIMI as its lawyer few years back. To back up all these blunders, the Congress has the gobbledygook duo of Digvijay Singh and his earnest disciple Rahul Gandhi who are blurting out imprudent statements every now and then.  The tumult and commotion rising from the comedy of errors committed by the UPA hoodwinks are jeopardizing even the existence of this country. This Government should go and the President should install an interim government that will work until the elections. The country has to get out of this perilous situation soon! Sonia Gandhi and her marionettes have proved that they are incapable to rule this country.

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BK Chowla, said...

They say we deserve the govt we vote in.
We are a bunch of idiots.