Thursday, December 2, 2010

WANTED in a Bedlam in Pakistan

Can anyone recognize the nincompoop in the above photograph? He is a familiar face with the Pakistanis, as he serves the rare species of literates in Pakistan with their daily routine of tabloid journalism. In India his mediocrity and his half-witted countenance was familiarized by the Times now channel. Arnab Goswami has a habit of picking up some Tom, Dick and Harry from across the border to beef up his otherwise arid panel discussions with their absurdity and preposterous statements. The guy in the photograph is a regular panelist from Pakistan who make Indians smile sardonically at him with his puerile and ludicrous statements.

His name is Hamid Mir, the Managing Director (this shows that even amateur can be at the helm of TV channels in Pakistan) of Geo TV. When Mir mian speaks, he is quite uncomfortable in front of the camera not because he is puking absurdity but because he is struggling to put his words together, sometimes trying to get the grammar right and sometimes gulping in the air for right words. The pitiable English of the Pakistanis is pardonable owing to the education at Madrassas and shoddy universities, but what about the thoughtless statements these guys blurt out. His statements are like an impudent schoolboy comparing his father’s biceps muscle with the closest rival in the class, to score a point or two over the latter. Let’s see a couple of examples of the statements that he had given in the News hour program in Times Now channel on two different occasions:--

  1. It was not the Indian army who defeated Pakistan in 1971(Bangladeshi liberation war) instead, it was Mukti Bahini, the people’s movement in Bangladesh. Indian’s are trying to take credit from the Mukti Bahini.

  1. Indian president has no powers compared to the Pakistan President.

I am not going to counter his puerile statements, as we all clearly know what the real History is, but would like to ask certain things to know whether this guy is mentally retarded or deeply affected by amnesia.

I wonder whether Hamid Mir has had a background to read authentic history (History books in Pakistan says that India was formed after partitioned from Pakistan) nor was there someone at his home naive enough to tell him while he was brought up, what’s logic and what’s not.  If an unarmed people’s organization like Mukti Bahini could single handedly defeat an army who has been supplemented with American funds and weapons, then what should be the army called---- an army of eunuchs? By his first statement, Hamid Mir is more or less comparing the Pakistan army to a bunch of eunuchs.

In the second (numbered) statement given above, he is comparing the Indian president with the Pakistani president.  In Pakistan’s short history we have seen that by drop of a hat, the army in Pakistan can overthrow their so-called powerful president..  Can Mir show a single instance of the Indian President getting toppled at any point of time in its 63 years of Independence? Hamid Mir should be thrown in some bedlam and treated until he gets his facts right. Some of Arnab Goswami’s programs already lack content and over and above, he is presenting poppycock harangues like Hamid Mir to emblazon the panel discussions. God save Times now!!

Also read Hamid Mir's alleged connection with militants:

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Mandeep Bajwa said...

Hamid Mir certainly belongs there. He does a very good job of proving to the world that Pakistanis lack depth, understanding and character.

BK Chowla, said...

Poor fellow, he tries his best to support Paki point of view but never has had the time to read history.

saiqa saleem gandapur said...

i don't think so that common pakistanis have any lapse of knowledge about whats going on around or all over the world its only the geographical situations as a test and hard time for us all and unfortunately voluptuous ppl as rulers ......&this is one of the greater
reasons tht many are laughing us off!!!i believe bad time is not forever ,there is still dawn to come when every word spoken by a pakistani common wud be considered of a value!!!

Jothish Nair said...

@saiqa saleem gandapur

your comments are really refreshing and I hope Pakistan will have sensible government in the future, who'd concentrate rather on education, poverty , economy and shelter than amassing weapons and harboring terrorists