Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An open letter to the chief Minister

Site for the proposed cricket stadium at Edakochi

H.E. The Chief Minister of Kerala

Respected Sir,

This is to invite your good self’s attention to the doubts that have roused in the minds of  the public in Kerala in connection with the decision to construct a cricket stadium by the Kerala Cricket Association(KCA) at Edakochi,Ernakulam district. The Kerala Cricket Association under the secretary Mr.S.K.Nair in 2006 had decided to construct an international cricket stadium at Trivandrum
( “The Hindu” on July  31, 2006  and subsequently, as reports say, that the Kerala Government allotted land for the same free of cost. Clearance was obtained from concerned ministry as well. However, the Kerala Cricket Association under then new secretary T.C.Mathew deviated and decided to built a stadium at Kochi instead. Reports say that KCA had purchased 10 hectares of land at Edakochi at the rate of Rs 1.1 lakh for each cent. The land was reportedly purchased from a finance company that was a part of the Vembanad Lake protected by the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty for conserving important wetlands. It was earlier used for pokkali farming—growing organic rice along with prawns.

The doubt  that arises in one’s mind is that why did KCA ignore its earlier decision and reject Government’s offer of free land and then painstakingly buy a marshy land for the purpose of building the cricket stadium. This is apparently nothing less than a scam. Kerala sports council President Mr.T.P.Dasan also has brought this issue out yesterday in a media brief. There have been allegations of impropriety on KCA and its members with regards to the conduct of international cricket matches at Kochi from many quarters including  Kerala Cricketers Forum, that have been voicing against the misconducts  of the KCA for long and same has been taken up by the Trichur vigilance court for investigation. On that basis, series of raids also been conducted by the vigilance at KCA head quarters, Trivandrum.

I request your good self  to kindly look into the matter with a judicial inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

Jothish Nair

Copy to:
H.E.  Sports Minister of Kerala
H.E. Member of Parliament, Trivandrum
Shri.T.P.Dasan, President,Kerala Sports Council
Shri Balaji Iyengar, Kerala Cricketers Forum, Kottayam

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