Friday, March 25, 2011

Political drunkards

                                                        We are largely ignorant about Indian politician’s drinking habits. A few months ago, the Kochi IPL patriarch Shashi Tharoorji was in news for modelling for a whiskey brand (actually it was a photograph of him receiving an award intiated by the whiskey brand). The Marxist felt that it was so much offending that they started an outcry on the issue. They wanted Tharoorji to apologize to the public. Tharoorji laughed it off; you know he’s practising an American brand of politics and if you don’t sip a peg or two you ain’t considered as a politician there. Remember Tharoorji is the first person in India who kept his hand on his heart while the National Anthem was being played- another yankee style.

What about the communist? Communist in Russia never touched any of the liquor brands as a matter of policy. They stuck to their own indigenous brand of Vodka. The more you drink Vodka, the more you become Communists was their philosophy. In Kerala too, Vodka seems to be acceptable but owing to its price, lower-level comrades might have switched on to Tuskers and OPRs(both constitute the major chunk of the Bevco revenue). Antony deliberately banned the locally made vodkas(read as Arrack) to teach the true communists a lesson.  Although Beedi, Parippuvada(dal vada) and tea were known as staple diet of the communists, clandestinely arrack too took to the list in olden days!

RahulG have had the opportunity to travel all around the world and can’t believe that he could have restricted himself to sipping champagne. He looks scotch to an intriguing eye. Digvijay Singh was a raja once upon a time before he became the scavenger in Congress and obviously, he might have had the expensive Raja Brands of scotch whiskeys before dinner. Talking about the Rajas, the real Raja comes up into my mind. Crores have beeen lying around him like dried leaves in summer; he too could have tried a peg or two of the most expensive liquors in the world.

Finally, the eyelids of Ramesh Chennithala and the lazy countenance of Oomen Chandy tell it all. Infact hardcore Pinarayi Viayan fan and the avid film maker Ranji Panicker portrayed the chief minister, who resembled Oomen Chandy,  in his movie Bharat Chandran IPS, as a drunkard. 

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