Monday, March 14, 2011


When the election dates were announced, by the election commission, V.S. Achuthanandan had already maneuvered an advantage LDF situation by digging up the corpse of the ice cream sex scandal case and nailing the vocally blatant Balakrishna Pillai. Those who prognosticated a 100 seat win for UDF, Suddenly had to eat their words. Achuthanandan was in the lime light and according to the political observers; the tables were turning in favour of the LDF. There was obviously a panic in the UDF camp. They had been caught napping. Kunhalikutty was searching for covers; the Congress leaders were groping in dark not knowing how to counter Achuthanandan’s sudden battering. The Congress suddenly was under a catch 22 situation and began to fear that Achuthandan’s actions out of the blue could make mincemeat of their elections dreams. They contemplated hard with their sunnormal brains and decided to target Achuthanandan’s son. It didn’t do a lot good to them and failed to convince the man on the street and the situation largely, remained the same.

No body thought the Congress and the UDF could get a breather and could come back into reckoning for winning the elections. Then, it happened. There is a vast majority of comrades in the CPI-M, who would be happier to loose elections rather than to see Achuthanandan becoming the CM again. When it was time for declaring the leader who would lead Bengal and Kerala to the elections, Budhadeb was there; Achuthanandan’s candidature was neither announced nor did any district committee recommend his name. CPI-M ‘s fortune, everybody thought entirely depended on Achuthanandan’s candidature with regards to his latest actions and the man on the street was ready to forgive the LDF government if Achuthanandan led it again. The Marxist comrades, may be of prejudice or may be of fear, felt easy in squandering the chances of coming to power again rather than V.S. taking up the credit and the limelight, and inturn the Chief Minister position. There you go; the UDF is smiling again and rolling back into reckoning.

Less than 30 days to go for the elections, and as always, it will be difficult to predict how well the poli-tricks in the past and in the coming days are going to the influence the election results.


Sachin R K said...

Think its really in the balance at this point of time. The decision of the BJP to contest seriously will be a disadvantage for UDF, I feel. Buddhadeb was able to publicly ask all corrupt party officials to correct themselves or move out of the party. Only wish CPM gave VS the same support. If the CPM does lose this time, it will not be because of VS or any of the ministers, it will be because of the arrogance of every local/branch/area/district committee member of Kerala CPM. Just my 2 cents.

Jothish Nair said...

@Sachin R K, Thanks for your valuable comments. As you said arrogance is one aspect. Other factors like people facing harassment from the labour unions is also great reason for them to vote against the LDF

Cyril said...

They are all the same,I will vote for some independent as there are no other ways to show our anger against this suckers.
They should include ALL OF THEM SUCK as a choice