Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christian Brothers :Yet another trashy junk by Udayan-Siby

                                     Once upon a time, there lived an underworld don. He was sweet and kind, and bound closely to his family. His dad didn’t like him because he earned his lively hood by donning a robber’s job instead of becoming a doctor or an engineer. He became a don not by choice but by a trickster‘s stratagem or perhaps by destiny (that’s in flash back!).  He has a brother who will make you laugh with his Walt Disney’s character kind of cameo. The hero here, will do everything that is supposed to be done by the police. He fights against a group of villians (they are Hindu brothers) who are not underworld dons but something like panchayat warlords deadlier than Dawood Ibrahims. The Hero uses the entire wardrobe of a near by readymade showroom to emblazon his plumpy body and dances along with the glamorous dolls in between his other antics. Climax and anti-climax follow….That sums up Christian Brothers written by UdayaKrishna- Siby K.Thomas duo and directed by the old formula film war-horse Varkala Joshy( one feels sorry for him- it is believed that creativity is directly proportional to change; sadly  he’s unchanged for last 45 years).

Hardcore Mohanlal fans will say that it is a wonderful movie and hardcore Mammootty fans will make fun of them (they conveniently, will forget their favourite actor’s monkey dance in Pokkiri Raja, another saga of idiotism by Udaya-Sibi).

 “Two hours of entertainment is what we need and not some story that helps in uplifting the society”- says people like Rajesh G. from Varkala (a random representative of today’s youth).

“We are not here to ponder upon high funda stuffs”, says Riju, who’s a hardcore fan of director Shankar and actor Prithviraj( he loves Prithvi because of his physique, I guess, rather than the acting skills).

However, then how long will you bear these kinds of films that have become dull and droning due to the repetition of the story and treatment? Don’t you want a change? Don’t you want to become a part of this changing world? Don’t you think Cinema is the greatest medium that can help in make people think and contemplate about the future of this world? If you don’t think so, then you should applause the puny Rajni saar bashing up 10-15 villains double his size in no time and make you leave the theatre with contended minds. But then you will have to realize that you‘ve been trapped into a virtual world of joy! There is no escape from that untill you will be forced to think late in your life, that you’ve lost!

By acting in these kinds of trashy junks actors like Mohanlal, Dileep and others, believe that this can help them in rejuvenating their thining careers. On the other hand, they are damaging the good name they have earned after the many years of hard work they have put in. Some people have started asking,” which one is better Pokkiri Raja or Christian brothers?” It is like asking- which is better, shit or crap?  

God save Malayalam cinema and its audience!!


Cyril said...

Dude after reading ur review,I thought of an interview with Madhu which I read recently.According to Madhu today's audience are yesterdays C-class audience,they need this kind of crap only.Film making is a business not a social service.C.Bro is a gift for the audience who made Pok Raj one of the biggest hits.

Jothish Nair said...

@Cyril Film making was never a business when it started. It was a passion and a film maker expressed his views on world order through films. Everything has become business, in this present world, let alone films. Business men and not genuine film makers who makes films these days and thats is the reason why this degradation.