Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who let the dog out?

Manish Tiwari prides himself as the barking dog of the Congress. When ever the Congress leadership or the UPA King pins get beleaguered, they let loose this loutish dog out! When he starts barking, we are reminded of this famous song- “Who let the dogs out?” However, here we’ve got to use it in singular- “Who let the dog out”? The dog barks at everyone he encounters and then returns back to his Kennel like a faithful animal. That is Manish Tiwari for you! He leads the pack of AbIshek Singvis, Jayanti Natrajans(no more a spokes person now), Renuka Chowduries, Tom Vadakkans… wow.. What an impressive line up!  

 It was only a few days ago Tiwari had asked who was Katrina Kaif on the half foreigner-half Indian issue and said that if he responds to the likes of Katrina, he might have to respond to a Johny Lever another day! The famous columnist Rasheeda Bhagat in the Hindu has strongly criticized Tiwari for despising  Johny Lever as if the latter was some shoddy brute. Tiwari has crossed all the limits of decency.  Will the Prince Charming, the embodiment of good, the apostle of the righteous withdraw the haranguer animal from his party’s mouth piece?


S said...

"The famous columnist Rasheeda Bhagat in the Hindu has strongly criticized Tiwari for despising Johny Lever as if the latter was some shoddy brute"

At least on this, Manish Tiwari got it correct ( may be one of such rare moments).

Johny Lever is a "SHODDY BRUTE".
Anyone who makes fun of our National anthem, that too in a party organised by DON cannot be termed otherwise.
Johny lever ( he claims to be a committed Xian) was sentenced by a Court for this.


Jothish Nair said...

@S thank you for the information. I never knew that.

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