Friday, September 2, 2011

Kunhalikutty - The greatest endorser of Jihadi Terrorism in Kerala

The allegation against Industries and IT minister P.K.Kunhalikutty on his role of sabotaging the CBI investigation into the Marad  Massacre have been substantiated by his colleague M.K.Muneer’s disclosure to the American Consulate officials which was in turn exposed by wikileaks. Muneer had told the American officials that Kunhalikutty Sabotaged the CBI inquiry to save the Islamic Radical Group NDF for his own petty gains.  On 2nd May 2003,  8 Hindu residents of Marad were brutally murdered by NDF activists.

NDF is short for National Democratic Front formed with the ex-SIMI(The banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India) and the Muslim league elements, have been playing Al-Quaida’s Kerala role for long. Although, the reason for Kunhalikutty’s sympathy towards NDF is clearly not known as of now, it is widely believed that NDF and Muslim League share common cadre.  Muneer’s another shocking revelation to the US consulate officials were that of the continuous infiltration of Jihadi terrorists into the Muslim League party. What Muneer said was to be true then one has to conclude that these infiltrations are happening with the knowledge of the top brass in the Muslim League. Justice Nissar Commissions findings on the Muslim League cadre’s attempt to create a communal tension by attacking a Dalit colony and Hindu institutions in Kasargode on 15th November 2009, substantiates a strong presence of Muslim radical Jihadi elements in the Muslim league party.
The recent Wikileague expose has not only destroyed the Anti-American mask adorned by the Marxists comrades of Kerala, but also exposed the Jihadi character of the Muslim League, the partner of the Indian National Congress in the central UPA government and the UDF government in Kerala.

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