Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curbing Jihadi terrorism- What Swamy meant...

Mr. Subramanian Swamy has been in the storm of controversy after his article in DNA which opinionated among other things, withdrawing the voting rights of Muslims in India. It seems, prima facie, to be a drastic comment that could tarnish the secular fabric of this country.  But then, instead of bellowing for his pound of flesh, one should discount such comments and look into other aspects which he has said, that hold true in the present day India. 

Vote bank politics has been a curse that has fallen upon the democratic setup of this country. Parties intentionally pursue vote bank politics and formulate their plans according to it. Minorities have been pampered the most in many states in India. A good example is the political scenario in Kerala - Muslim league; a communal party has been the biggest ally of the Indian National Congress for the last 60 years. Abdul Nassar Ma-adani who is in jail in connection with the Bangalore blast was a major ally of the CPI-M for a long time. The other day the Congress-Muslim League Government in Kerala dismissed the Justice Nissar commission that was investigating into the riots in Kasargode perpetuated by Muslim League, in which numerous Hindu institutions and a Harijan colony was attacked, only because the commission named Muslim league's involvement. It is difficult to believe that the Congress and the Communist pursue a minority communal agenda for the welfare of the down trodden in the minorities. 

 It is very easier said than done to bring an end to vote bank politics unless and until the majority in the minority religious groups think beyond religious terms. There are a sizable number of Muslims in India who believe that he is a Muslim first and then an Indian. There are thousands of them in India who love Pakistan than India because of their religious inclination and significantly because of their ignorance. There have been numerous instances when in the last many years when a particular group of people in India, fired crackers or indulged in ecstatic celebrations every time when Pakistan beat India in Cricket or hockey. I have seen one of my acquaintances in Kochi virtually celebrating the siege of Mumbai on 26/11. Please watch the video below of a Muslim youth ( a school drop out) from Bangalore, who wants to settle in Pakistan just because India has more Hindus.



He is just one among the lakhs of ignorant and misguided youth who wants to live in Pakistan, which according to them is their ultimate Jannath (Heaven). The Indian Government should conduct a survey to find out the details of the people who want to desperately live in Pakistan in the rest of their lives and should help them migrate to their paradise. For that the Government should sign up a bilateral agreement with Pakistan Government so as to have safe transfer of these Pakistan lovers to Pakistan. The religious schools which are believed to be the breeding ground of religious hatred should also be asked to stick only to theology and nothing else that invigorate the youth to pursue in hatred and terrorism.  The borders should be secured properly to prevent the infiltration of Bangladeshis on the east and the Pakistanis in the west. These people originally break into India in search of a livelihood but later become one of the decisive factors in formation of Governments. The vote banks politics could be controlled to a large extend by these ways and the Government will not fear to act against the Jihadi terrorists, as they are doing today.

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Amit said...

This is good sign for india , all muslims should go to their nation ,