Thursday, November 18, 2010

God's own country - a minefield for Bloggers

The blog Kerala: a minefield for bloggers? has evoked many responses and thanks to everyone. One of the response was thus:-

Anonymous said...
i think it's off the mark.has kerala got a different cyber law?what are these many cases?the only case where authorities seemed to be directly involved is that of pinarayis case and it is easy for anyone to see that it was a case of blatant misinformation campaign perhaps with vested interests.
November 13, 2010 1:48 PM

My reply was thus:-

Kerala doesn’t have a different cyber law! It is good that the cyber laws are stringent to help in preventing atrocities such as sexual harassment towards woman through internet. The laws, I presume, are not constituted in detail that the same is being misused by certain quarters. There have been cases of people hacking into Kerala Government’s official site and making fun of leaders of the stature of Achuthanandan and Vaikom Vishwan, however the police have been dormant on the same and seem to be keener in protecting certain people who call shots of the entire Government
November 15, 2010 11:24 AM

Further to it I would like to add...

The cyberlaws are not of Kerala alone, these laws are applicable all over India. Fortunately, it hasn’t been used against people who criticized a political leader or a party through emails or blogs anywhere in India except Kerala. There were 2500 cases of different nature registered with the cyber cell department in Kerala after its formation. Of those 2500 cases, the cell has been able to successfully act upon almost 1000 cases most of them dealing with atrocities on woman through internet and crimes that involved money rackets from Africa. There were 10 cases taken up those were related to CPI(M) or its leaders. Out of that ,only 2 cases were swiftly acted upon by the cyber police and that 2 cases incidentally was in connection with a particular political personality. The cyber police, was dormant in the case of finding out the culprit who hacked the Government of Kerala’s website. My point is simple; the cyber laws are made in a way that it addresses the crime against women and internet frauds in a stringent way, fair enough. However, the authorities are bending these laws for nailing people who as a part of a diversion satirize certain politician’s idiotic statements. This is absurd. Let the readers decide whether I was off the mark or not!

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