Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Seashore Rain

I had nothing in my mind, so tried this...you could call it a  poetry from a novice.

The sea shore rain

Yesterday we freed our minds in the sea shore rain
A lot was assuaged within, the agony and pain.
The waves were ferocious yet wonderful
Just like our hearts bountiful
I clasped your supple palm
Allowing my confused mind to become calm
The rain drops washed your fair skin
Making you look like an ebony figurine
Oh ! you are the sweetest of all
No wonder I, to your grace did fall.


Sophie Nicholls said...

Hi! I do like that line 'clasped your supple palm...'because it's lovely and surprising.

Thanks for sharing! Keep writing!

Jothish Nair said...

Thanks @Sophie Nicholls