Monday, November 15, 2010

Soap Operas aka Mega Serials

The mega serials are soaps that are popular among the television viewers in Kerala (in other parts of India as well). Predominantly, as in any part of India, the audience is women, especially homemakers. The themes of the serials are reprisal, hatred or extra marital affairs, or all the three together. The villain and the hero, for a change, are usually females. The story elongates perpetually and every scene is accompanied with an ear deafening noise of heavy BGM. A dazzling dialogue is followed by an irritating raucous music and few special effects that either roll the actor all over the screen or make him/her shudder with flashes. These melodramas will go on eternally and the characters continue to live in the same age as they were created at  first. The audience gets the access to cry, sulk, laugh, rejoice, tremble vengefully and gratify their inner desires briefly in a period of half an hour.

I believe that the mediocrity in the story, the making and the performance  in the serials are directly proportional to the mediocre thought processes  and outlook of the viewers. The creators of these crappy forms of art give an average viewer what she wants. The fanatical devotion with which a viewer sees her heroine is a matter that reflects the degradation of sensibleness in the present society.  An actress , who normally enacts a vampish role, happens to step into a public place, has been always in the danger of being intimidated by a random crazy lady viewer on the street, making us aware of the enormity of ignorance and mediocrity that exist in an average Malayali woman. Kerala should be ashamed of the large number of people, a good chunk of them, ladies, who have been regularly watching this second-rated trash and wasting their valuable time. The ill effects from this phenomenon is slowly creeping into the entire dimensions of the society in different forms and helping in deteriorating the moral values and rational thinking. Ladies wake up!

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