Friday, November 19, 2010

Roots of Terrorism in Kerala

Kerala always had a unique record in India for the harmonious coexistence of diverse religions like Hindus, Christians and Muslims... however...

2010: Kerala has apparently become an ideal harbour for the people who nurtured fundamentalism and terrorism in the name of religion. Many organizations popped up with the idea of fighting against the perceived oppressors of their religion. Were there been any kind of atrocities against a particular religion in Kerala and was it that brought about the terrorist forces into a growth mode is a matter well known. If not, what are the reasons for this sudden surge of dark forces in a relatively peaceful and literate state?

Terrorist elements gained ground in this tiny state of Kerala, well before an Al-Qaeda or a Taliban came into existence elsewhere in the world, but the size was insignificant; and hence it wasn’t telling on Kerala’s socio political economic situation. Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) have been clandestinely operating since the 70’s, however, the end product was limited to just  few periodical hand outs to like minded people, of some kind of revolution to convert India to an Islamic state or writing on compound walls with slogans saying,” India’s well being  through Islam”. This little spark of fundamentalism was obviously seen by elements across the border who was looking for an opportunity to destabilize India in whatever way they could. Funds started to flow in through by means of Havala from Pakistan and some Arab countries and the whole movement got a strong momentum. More and more misled youths were mobilized into the movement and it became a huge menace that perpetuated danger across the state until it was banned by the central Government in 2002, one wonders what was the Governments in power in Kerala doing during the period of fundamentalism took to the peak. There were Governments of Congress and Communist Party of India (Marxist) ruling the state alternatively every 5 years. They were dormant on intelligence information time to time; they lend a deaf ear everything pertaining to religious fundamentalism because of the misconception of the fact that it would affect their support from that particular religion. Political observers call it by the term-Vote bank politics. If states like Bihar and Tamilnadu harped on caste politics, Kerala’s political lords played the game of minority appeasing.

 Although SIMI was banned, quite before that,simultaneously, elements similar to the former were gradually building up. They too gained strength as the Governments in Kerala committed grotesque errors consciously, with the regards to nailing the fundamentalists in the past decade. The money flow from India’s enemies has also driven the growth of these kinds of organizations. Exorbitant amounts were pumped into India, to mislead ignorant youth to terrorism and related activities. The governments, whether it is the Congress led or the CPI-M led, should be more responsible and should not repeat things the way they (LDF) handled Thadiayanvida Nazir’s case and the way they (UDF) sabotaged the cases of 2nd Marad violence.

Muslims constitute  24.7 % of Kerala’s population; a whopping 95% of them are under below poverty line in rural areas and unemployment is also high. Although there is a job reservation of 12% for the Muslims in the Public Service Commission (Kerala Government), it is not benefiting the poorer of poor in that religion. The elements, who urge Muslims to indulge in violence and misdeeds, should rather go and see the circumstances they live in the coastal areas and other economically backward areas and work for the welfare of them in eradicating poverty and illiteracy.

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