Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cricket Stadium at Trivandrum

T.C.Mathew and the tainted Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) have cheated the people of Trivandrum and inturn cheated the Kerala Cricket by Hijaking the proposed cricket stadium from Trivandrum. The KCA bought (not sure whether it was bought or occupied ) a swamp of 34 acres at Edakochi, half of it, backwaters  for some exorbitant amount of 30-45 crores (all fudged figures to enable corruption with real estate mafia of Kochi), inspite of the Kerala Government offering land at Kudappanakunnu and Kazhakootam(free of cost) at Trivadrum. 

I doubt T.C.Mathew did not know that there is someone above all of us known as GOD! And he may realize that now as the ministry of forest and environment has asked the KCA to stop all construction work pertaining to the stadium at the coastal swamp at Edakochi. The swamp on which the stadium is to be built comes under the Coastal law 1, and for constructing the stadium, mangroves have been destroyed in a large scale. On that basis, the Coastal management authority has asked the KCA to stop the construction work and submit an explanation regarding the whole issue. The KCA as usual was a pack of lies. They replied to the authority saying that there were no mangroves on the swamp and the construction has not begun yet. Knowing the KCA’s history of lies and corruption, and the satellite pictures showing JCB on work, Coastal Management Authority refused to believe the impostors and inturn the ministry of forest and environment has decided to send a high-level delegation to the site to take stock of the situation. If everything goes in a fair way, T.C.Mathew and his mafia will be charged with yet another case, this time for destroying plants and illegal construction on a land that comes under Coastal law 1. T.C.Mathew should be ashamed of himself for showing regional bias, for indulging in looting and swindling Government’s money, indulging in corruption in liaison with the real estate mafia and for raping the nature. T.C.Mathew, your time has arrived to step down from the post of Secretary KCA and BCCI Co-ordinator for southzone and to face the law.

This is the time the sports ministry of Kerala has to act and force the KCA to reinstate the proposed cricket stadium at Trivadrum

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