Saturday, November 13, 2010

Communist Party of Bengal and Kerala (Marxist)

When I was in Bangalore (Benguluru) sometime back, a friend from Kerala came to see me. Infact he had come to Bangalore with some other purpose and since I was there, he decided to meet me. He was bowled over by the aura of Bangalore and was inadvertently vituperating the authorities of our home state (Kerala) for the sad state of the affairs. As we were having tea from a restaurant near my home, I asked him the purpose of his visit.

He looked around and said in a low voice,” Our local committee secretary back home had asked me to study the political climate of Karnataka and submit a report to him when I get back”

Political climate of Karanataka! I was confused at first and then realized that the guy sitting in front of me was an active worker of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala. I have seen him, on a number of occassions shouting slogans in red-flagged processions and a few times sitting on the dais of the party meetings. I wondered as to how was it going to benefit the party by taking stock of the political situation in Karnataka; I haven’t seen even a single flag of the CPI (M)  in the entire Karnataka let alone the presence of the party in the state.

I felt embarrassed on the fact that I knew very less on the activities of the communists and admired the kind of intellect they have in their party cadres. I suppressed the silly doubts, looming in my head, within me and looked at him expectantly. He moved his face closer to mine and said almost whispering,” Our secretary is so much worried about the mass support for the party being restricted to Bengal and Kerala and if this continues, he fears that the Election Commission might rename the party as Communist Party of Bengal & Kerala (Marxist). Hence, this idea, of sending one cadre each to every state where CPI (M) has no roots, took off. What an idea sirji, I told myself!

As we reached home I asked him,” So what are your finds on the political situation of Karanataka”

He smiled and said,” The political situation in Karanataka…,”

He paused for a second and  said,” the political situation of, not only  Karnataka, but of every state, tells that the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is going to remain as the Communist Party of Bengal and Kerala (Marxist) for a long time to come.”

As he bid adieu, I was wondering on the ease with which he said his last words! Long live the revolution!
Picture courtesy: The conservative

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