Thursday, November 11, 2010

Exporting Terrorism

The famous novelist Frederick Forsyth had mentioned in his novel “The Afghan” published in 2006 about Malabar exporting Muslim Terrorists to the Caribbean.  One of the well-known Malayali Journalist, in a national weekly  rebuffed the same and said that the Keralites were not amused by Forsyth’s account. Whether  Keralites were amused or not, Forsyth’s tale became a reality; Kerala became the hub for nurturing radicals and religious fundamentalists in the last few years and as far as we know, a few of them were even exported to Jammu & Kashmir to fight the Indian Government. Although those Malayali fundamentalists died in a military action, the curse of being a terrorism exporter fell on, once known to be the moderate region, the tiny state of Kerala  of the Indian union. How could such  militant groups, including the latest one ( that was repressed partially  by the state Government recently) which went to the extent of amputating a Christian professor's hand, gained strength in Kerala, where the society, in its all dimensions, was supposed to be closely attached to each other and where the density of population does not facilitate any kind of practical clandestine acts. Was it the intelligence that failed or was it the Marxist led Government in Kerala, who refused to heed to the former’s warnings? Whatever may be the reason, it will be a herculean task for the present Government and the subsequent Governments to keep a check on these Taliban kinds of outfits from gaining strength and jeopardizing the nation. 

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Jothish Nair said...

The talibans and Mujahedeens have been created by the US and Pakistan to fight the soviets in Afghanistan, LeT,JeM etc. have been created by Pakistani establishments to unsettle India.