Monday, February 21, 2011

Achuthanandan- Lion of Kerala in the making?

Lethargic, inefficient and corrupt are a few words that would describe the Oomen Chandy government that was in power before Achuthanandan ministry came into power in 2006. Except for Ganesh Kumar, the rest were just loads of crap. Achuthanandan too slept for 4 years and suddenly has woken up with such assertion that one tends to feel that, by mistake, someone has injected a powerful steroid into his sleeping ass. The ice cream sex scandal case, which was allegedly thwarted by Kunhalikutty and his men with the help of a series of unlawful methods and bribing the judiciary, many years back, was exhumed again by the Chief Minister’s office. R.Balakrishna Pillai also had to face the rage of the elderly man, who allegedly influenced the judiciary in the Edamalayar case and sent the former to the jail. Achuthanandan’s voice has increased its volume by many decibels. The man who was reading out his speeches lousily a few months back is roaring and daring his opponents publicly. By the latest actions, he has not only put his opponents in defence but has also pushed his competitors like Pinarayi and others in the back yard. The Marxist party, now, cannot refuse a seat to this octogenarian in the coming assembly elections citing stupid technical and ideological reasons.

The scenario that was there in the local body elections is no more prevalent now. The UDF is puffing and panting with issues like Ice cream scandal, infighting between the parties within the front, infighting within the Congress (Sudheeran & Abdullah Kutty/Mustafa & Oomen Chandy), infighting within the second largest party in the front, Muslim league and, the latest contempt of court speech by Sudhakaran. The results in the coming assembly elections will a lot depend on the 20% of people who are neutral and who specifically vote for performance.

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